Final Computer OP in Final Cup

#1Griffey2413Posted 6/26/2012 11:17:24 PM
I am playing as Bowser and am facing Diddy Kong and this is getting a bit ridiculous! Anyone have any tips or pointers? This is the last match and I cant win more than one set!
#2Xemnas1111Posted 6/26/2012 11:21:01 PM
Try harder.
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#3SomeGuy629Posted 6/26/2012 11:35:37 PM
For some reason, I've had a lees than easy time against Diddy. Anyway, here's some general tips.

1. Practice. I know, you may take that as I'm saying you suck, but hear me out for a moment. Going through the Final Cup several times I can tell you there's a huge difference between struggling like I did my first time, and how I play now. Basically, it will get easier the more you play.

2. Play to weaknesses. If you've been paying attention, you've learned some things about how the computer controlled players play. Like Luigi, Waluigi, and Boo always move towards the middle. Some shots will work amazingly well against certain characters, and others give you no hope of getting past. Try out varied shots and go with what sticks. Also, see whether net play is a help or a hinder, and play accordingly.

3. Saving. Cheap to be sure, but at any point, you can save and the game will record your games and sets. So if your opponent is about to get the game point, you can save before the serve and load it up at the start of that particular game.

4. Vortex. In the Final Cup, every chance shot will change your opponents terrain given that it lands. Every fourth change will be a vortex that sends the ball flying in a wild direction. Get to the point where that terrain is on your opponents side (You will also have to do some countering to their chance shots), and then don't use a chance shot until the match is over. You can send the ball flying out of their reach. Also pretty cheap, but it doesn't matter.

Hope that helps.
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#4Griffey2413(Topic Creator)Posted 6/27/2012 12:10:52 AM
SomeGuy629 - Thanks for the tips. It just seems that Diddy is my weakness right now. I just dont understand how he pulls off some of his shots. In regards to playing to weakenesses I can't seem to find his. It seems like I can only score when I get a chance shot. I cant seem to find a good way to counter him. He is uber fast and I am uber slow LOL.

I started saving after I posted this and I try to keep to vortex on his side as long as I can. I just didnt know if you had any tips for playing against Diddy. One shot that he continually does is a drop shot with topspin (its a red tailed ball that has the same effect as a drop shot). I try to drop shot him and he slams it, I try to lob it over his head and he slams it, everywhere I shoot he seems to have an advantage over me. I am guessing this is because it is the last match but crap LOL the computer went from like level 4 to level 9 LOL.
#5SomeGuy629Posted 6/27/2012 3:32:30 AM
Okay, I really do feel sorry for you. I took a stab at the match (Star Bowser vs. Pro Star Diddy, Morph Court. Pro is the level played at on the Final Cup, right? Cause that feels right), and I lost pretty badly. I picked up a set from a tiebreaker, but that was all I could get.

So, before I offer my advice, I think my play style isn't well suited for Bowser (Mainly net rushing, but basically being able to move around quickly in general). So someone else may be able to help you more than I can.

That said, I tried rushing the net (Usually a bad idea against Pro or higher, because they will recognize that and lob it). With Boswer, it felt like I had a narrower range where my shots would go. With Diddy as quick as he is, it's hard to get a shot by him. Rushing the net gave a better range, but as always runs the risk of him lobbing it back, which he did on several occasions.

The other thing I tried was hitting every chance shot I could. If you can knock Diddy to one side, you can get a better opening on the other side to get past him. Again, because he's fast, he can still return it fairly easily, so regardless it is an uphill battle.

In terms of practicing, what you can try is plugging in the same setup into an exhibition match, but lowering Diddy's difficulty one notch. This way, you can adjust to what works well against him, then try it out on the next step up.

Aside from that and saving your way through the match, I don't know what else to say about it. Again, if anyone is better with Bowser, what would you do?
This is driving me up the wall, across the ceiling, down the other side, and round again!
#6Griffey2413(Topic Creator)Posted 6/27/2012 1:00:22 PM
Yeah that was the matchup! I finally beat it this morning. I had to do 3 tie breakers, that seemed to be the only way to win. I think I found a weakness for Diddy but I don't know if it was a coincidence. If you do a chance lob shot on his not racket hand he miss hits it about 75% of the time allowing for a follow up chance shot. I used the save trick after I won each game and then saved before the tie breaker round. I beat him with Yoshi with no problem now I am going through the game with Bowser Jr. Thanks for your help, I hope that it is all downhill from here. That was a tough matchup.
#7Meteordragon10Posted 6/27/2012 9:34:20 PM
It's weird but I actually find Singles Final Cup matches pretty easy now, but they weren't back when I first played. It is...Doubles Final Cup matches that really tend to get my blood boiling. It seems like the computer on your side isn't as good as the two opponents you are facing (they still get hit in the face, let the ball get past them even when the ball is slow, etc..but I never see this happen to the opponents, as they're somehow able to block even the most powerful shots with no effort even if you are hugging the net and so is he.
#8PS2GamerPosted 6/28/2012 12:25:29 AM
I abused the vortex to beat it....
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#9FakatopaterePosted 6/28/2012 12:41:33 AM
I used Bowser and easily beat an ace Diddy (everyone was starred of course). You just have to play from the baseline (use top-spins for the most part) and wait patiently until Diddy screws up.
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#10LonelyGoombaPosted 6/29/2012 3:56:52 PM
diddy is waaaaay harder than any other opponent

playi diddy is like playing a pro com. ll the others are easy

it's strange