CYOA: Endgame's Magical Awakening Adventure! (possible spoilers for all FEs!)

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2 years ago#111
I liek bunnies.
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2 years ago#112
shiningpikablu252 posted...
Going with B here...
2 years ago#113
I wonder why no one's going with the logical choice of A...
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2 years ago#114
Logical? Endgame? Forty, please.

C: Time to run.
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2 years ago#115
"What? You don't think I killed Vaike and burned the forest to hide the evidence, do you?" Said Endgame.

Chrom and Robin had a shocked look on their faces. Endgame really should have taken this as a sign to stop talking, but he continued.

"Hahahahaha..... come on! I wouldn't need to go through that much trouble! Someone with no affinity for magic like Vaike would barely leave a corpse if hit by Valflame! He'd be nothing but ashes! No need to burn an entire forest to cover up that! Besides, if I was some kind of Grimleal double agent, why would I start with someone as dimwitted as Vaike? I mean, why not aim higher up within the ranks? Someone that's a bigger threat? Why not aim for the leader himself?"

"Wow. You really have put a lot of thought into this." Said Robin. "Are you sure you haven't been planning to kill anyone?"

"What?! Of course not!" Said Endgame. This wasn't true. He's been scheming all kinds of things. Framing Tharja and Henry as Grimleal to create distrust amongst the army, how to get rid of Severa and make it look like an accident, and of course, how to get Chrom branded as a traitor and steal his wife. He wouldn't truly be following in Arvis' footsteps if he didn't accomplish that one!

"Well, we didn't think you killed Vaike. But after all that....." Said Chrom.

"Ah! But if I was a double agent, this is the part where I would have been exposed and would retaliate! I mean, look. I have the Lord and his main strategist away from the rest of the army! This would be the perfect time for an ambush!"

There was a pause.

"And yet....."

"Fair enough." Robin said. "However, I think it would be best we assign someone to keep an eye on you until we find Vaike."

Endgame did not like the sound of that.

"Agreed. How about Lissa?" Asked Chrom.

Endgame's face turned pale at the thought. "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" He shouted. "I mean..... you think there's a chance I might be an enemy spy, and you'd assign your sister, a princess neverless, to watch over me? I mean. If I was an enemy spy, you'd basically be handing me a valuable hostage on a silver platter!"

"Perhaps he's right." Said Robin. "How about....."

Who does Endgame get stuck with?

A. Henry
B. Cherche (Vaike's wife!)
C. Gerome (Vaike's son!)
D. Noire
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2 years ago#116
I'll go with A here...
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2 years ago#117
I'll go with D.

Noire's 'unique' personality should make things interesting.
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2 years ago#118
I'll wait for these games: Fairy Fencer F, Super Danganronpa 2-Goodbye Despair and the resurrection of Black Cyc. MinDeaD Blood>Saya no Uta :)
2 years ago#119
E: Chrom and Robin decide not to lissen to the Fox News anchor, and decide to put him with Lissa anyways.
2 years ago#120
Vortex_Oblivion posted...

a study in what Noire is going to get.

I concur
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