Took Them Long Enough!!!

#1Scion_MachinaPosted 9/22/2011 5:19:36 AM
It has been a while since Fire Emblem has been on the works. I hope for a US release date sometime in the future.
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#2LegendaryOozaruPosted 9/22/2011 6:20:30 AM
ZZZZZZZzzzzz.....The wha? Oh, right.
#3_XCrazy_DaisyX_Posted 9/25/2011 10:56:57 AM
As soon as I saw the unexpected announcement, I was filled with so much joy xP
tho the new character designs ...worry me.

Somehow I doubt I will ever like another FE game as much as I loved Path of Radiance. :/
They BETTER localize this! :k
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