information/media gathering thread (spoilers)

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Looks like pics and stuff are starting to arrive, so I think making this thread would be a good idea. Don't look at the stuff if you don't want to be spoiled. :P (displays some details on support lists or so I believe)
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Thanks for the post.
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Just for laughs

it says Girls life RPG, could that be the reason behind the huge preorder number this game is getting compared to the other FE's?
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I think it has to do more with graphics (after FE11 and FE12)... and fanservice. I don't mean Inverse and Tiki's boobs (although that might help) but rather, Marth (he is pretty popular after all), the DLC and SpotPass characters/weapons and Marriage.

But I guess this FE may be more appealing to females than older ones =P
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Yeah, it's pretty much jam packed with contents aswell as good graphics, so that would be a major selling point.

Anyway that villager is saying something on the line of : No! Help! Anyone, Help!

So it looks like a normal FE story so far. Bandits screwing around with a village only for the local knights to come after them.
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Hector's violent ( I ll find a better word for this later :P ) axe Str and Def +2
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I'll give it a day before we know the complete story-line, or at least have most of the maps on Serenes.
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KillerPaladin posted...

What are these? Especially the second one XD