What DLC is worth it?

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4 years ago#11
TheOthin posted...
I suggest definitely the following so far:

Spirit Talisman 1
King vs. King 2
King vs. King 3
Red vs. Blue 2
Infinite Divine Weapons

Hmm, that's 1800 yen so far, and therefore approaching the end of your price range if the prices compare. I don't know what skills RvB3 and LvD3 will have, but they may turn out to be worth a buy, as well.

Definitely buy at least one LvD if you're planning on going anything postgame. Only the first one is out so far, so it's hard to say which to suggest, but if you want Ephraim, then I'm sure you'll be fine with the first.

You forgot tax, unless that doesn't apply to DLC (I've bought Rolling Western and BIoons Tower Defense, which both had it, but were games).

I have played FE8 (which the game won't save so I've only been up to level 7...) and FE11, so those characters are "for sure's" for me. Arum has Demon Fighter so that's also interesting... Celice, on the other hand, isn't a name I recognize, so that one might be dropped. Thanks for the input!

Also, are the Divine Weapons able to be sold? Because that would make the money one worthless...
"If it sounds made-up and stupid, that's because that guy made it up, and he's stupid."
~Daniel Tosh - Tosh.0
4 years ago#12
I haven't been keeping track of tax, but I don't think it quite works that way. If you buy a 2000 yen card and use it, you have 2000 yen on your account. You buy a game that's worth 400 yen, and you have 1600 yen left on your account. The card itself might cost more than 2000 yen because of tax, but once you have the card, it'll buy 2000 yen worth of stuff.

I'm not looking at the characters as a main concern, especially since you can get them through SpotPass anyway. Rather, KvK2 and RvB2 have great added classes, while IDW has the divine weapons. You can't get money from selling the divine weapons; you can get sellable items from other DLC, but if you're grinding, you can get plenty of money anyway. The Gold and Silver DLC is notable for how fast you can get that money for every play of the map, but I wouldn't call it a high priority.

Similarly to the classes, I recommend KvK3 not for the character but for the Paragon skill, which is really convenient for any postgame grinding. If you're planning on going for that, definitely buy it just because of how convenient it is.
4 years ago#13
Well, let's see how Cellica's turns out, and then I'll decide between the two. Maybe she'll come with a scroll too.
"If it sounds made-up and stupid, that's because that guy made it up, and he's stupid."
~Daniel Tosh - Tosh.0
4 years ago#14
The rewards for DLC are mentioned at the announcement, and ones with an added reward have an increased price. Cellica's DLC has no added reward.

For the first two vs. sets, the second iterations had the special classes Demon Fighter and Bride, but they seem to be dropping that for LvD, the final set. What seems to be constant among all sets is an added skill like All Stats +2 and Paragon; it's a safe bet that we'll see something like that for RvB3, but we don't yet know how interesting it'll be. Remains to be seen if LvD3 will have a skill, but I think we can still assume that it's the case.
4 years ago#15
1 Canadian dollar = ~77 Yen right now

And while we're on the subject of exchange rates, 1 US dollar = ~78.74 Yen as of this post.

The exchange rates going from this side of the Pacific to the other are pretty brutal these days.
4 years ago#16
From what I understand, there's some reason to believe the prices would be lowered in the West, such that it might really be an accurate estimate of what sorts of prices we'll see in the localized version.
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