So what classes are in this game

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You would think Battle Monks/Clerics would be a cool class, it's not. Axes and Staves don't really complement each other and the only magic based axe is the Bolt Axe. Liz for example is better off promoting to Sage rather than Battle Cleric. But if you're skill grinding, then by all means go for the Battle Monk/Cleric.

That's mostly because Liz doesn't have much of a strength stat. Libera's is very useful as a Battle Monk because he takes little damage from Mages, has High HP and because he has high enough strength that being able to hit against the Mages defense pays off.

Dark existed in FE10. But I still don't see why Dark is at fault. Why not have all three?

Lack of variety. when Anima exists as Fire/Wind/Thunder in a game, depending on which one gets Nosferatu and which one doesn't Dark or Light tends to be a pretty redundant Magic Type or just has very few Tomes available.
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I blame Sorcerors. Or Druids, whatever they're gonna call 'em. Kinda the same reason why FE9/10 lacked/were lacking in dark magic users. The bases were covered.

Dark existed in FE10. But I still don't see why Dark is at fault. Why not have all three?

That's why I used the "/were lacking in" one lacked it completely, in the other it's just rare. Most usual light magic spells are already covered by regular and dark magic. We have Nosferatu, we have a high accuacy/low power tome, we have Naga, etc. It was have a pointless third magic type or focus on something else. Can't say I blame IS for going that route.
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Light magic kinda fails at making its own niche, anyway. Anima is basic, Dark has all the special effects. I could kinda see it work if the monsters were stronger and resistant to everything but light. Not like FE8, light could have a 1.5 bonus on monsters and all other weapons do half damage or something. Only would really work if monsters were really common or something. But I'm not great at balance ideas, either, so...
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I think it's because since this is the same continent of 1 and 3, and they didn't have light magic, so it kinda makes a little sense that light isn't in the game.

But eh.
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