Fire Emblem vending machine, GoGoGo!!

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4 years ago#111
tehponycorn posted...
You get...nothing.

*inserts 10 coins*

You get... a Nosferatu tome with 1 remaining use!

*inserts coin*
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4 years ago#112
"Goes and kills some random guy" Woohoo!
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4 years ago#113
You didn't get anything...

-inserts coin-
Give me all teh FE D':
4 years ago#114
You get a Dragonstone!

*Inserts coin*
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4 years ago#115
You got a Geosphere

*inserts coin*
.. c: ..
4 years ago#116
You get a dead MU and a game over.

*inserts coin*
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4 years ago#117
You got a corrupted file in a RNG bless run.
*inserts coin*
.. c: ..
4 years ago#118
You get Paris

*Inserts Coin*
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4 years ago#119
You get a glass bow.

-Inserts a MageStone-
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4 years ago#120
You get the bill for breaking the machine, and having to replace it

*Inserts Coin*
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