Most hated Fire Emblem?

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#32RyoKaibaPosted 1/8/2013 1:47:01 AM
Radiant Dawn because of the Dawn Brigade.
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#33Holsety99Posted 1/8/2013 11:51:04 AM
Yup I'm gonna have to go with Shadow Dragon too. It was a disgrace to the series. I mean there was like, no story. And having to kill 4/5 of your units to get the gaiden chapters is unacceptable. Plus, there were only a few units in the game that didn't absolutely suck.
#34Col_MobiusPosted 1/8/2013 12:04:59 PM
Shadow Dragon was the worst by a mile. I also don't care for Radiant Dawn all that much. People seem to hate FE8, although that's probably me second favorite (after 12). I'd go:

1. FE12
2. FE8
3. FE9
4. FE7
5. FE6

(there's a big gap here - I think FE6 is pretty decent, but I'd rather just not have played the latter two games)

6. FE10
7. FE11

That's all the ones I've played, though.
#35Blingya25Posted 1/8/2013 12:08:01 PM
I never played all of them to hate them enough but i can describe the stages that i hate the most:

1) That one stage with Eliwood and Co. where you have to fight off 45+ enemies and you begin on a land on the bottom right of the map where two bridges are the only entrance/exit and the last boss had that range wind sword with uncritable crest and can possibly kill anyone in range.

2) That one stage with Eirika where the right front was nothing but wyverns and the left front nothing but druids. And you had that Soldier girl with you who was crap (at that level and class) and no matter what happened you had to die at least 5 times for that stage.

3) After when you find out about something, Eirika and Ephraim had to meet up but it was in that desert area where your mobility to get to Eirika was crap because for some reason the archers can kill you. AND Valder (that crazy, evil Wyvern Lord at the bottom right) is crazy OP.

4) That 4 Piece Map in Ike's Fire Emblem where you literally had to run away from them was completely chaos. I think I lost about 2-3 people during those 4 and didn't care to go back anymore.

5) I forgot what Fire Emblem game it was but it was the one where all your characters had their "Ultimate Weapons" in the last stage and all the rooms slowly open up all the previous bosses you have defeat and they have their ultimate weapons as well and it was like a clash of crying losses left and right.

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Is the Mystery of the Emblem remake any better than SD?
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^ It was difficult for all the wrong reason, they added MU stuff, and some side extra story, and it no longer has the "kill your unit for Gaiden Chapter" crap

Just because it has difficulty its already better than Shadow Dragon
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peter_888 posted...
shadow dragon

Confession Time!
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Deadly_kotetsu posted...
Is the Mystery of the Emblem remake any better than SD?

Yes. It's my favorite in the whole series.
#40xLinkkuPosted 1/9/2013 10:11:36 AM
Shadow Dragon.
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