Fire Emblem: Awakening General Information and FAQ Topic v2

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Some answers for some other irritating topics:

Q: Who is Nono/Nowi and what is the deal with her?
Nowi is a Manakete character who can be paired to obtain her daughter Nah. Some trolls have an issue with how she looks. Ignore them.

Q: Is there a gay option?
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Wow thanks for making this man, I was doubtful about getting this game. But no I'm gonna get it for sure.
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This is something I did for another topic, but it's still interesting, so I'mma post it here too

Differences Between Spotpass and DLC Characters

Marth DLC - Has Good Growths, which is Villager class exclusive, and isn't available to him normally
Marth Spotpass - Has Support Boost+ and Luck+4, obtainable only by Valkyries and Dancers respectively

DLC Palla - Comes with Rally Strength and Counter, Male exclusive skills
Spotpass Palla - Doesn't exist

Catria DLC - Comes with Dual Strike+, Lord exclusive skill
Catria Spotpass: Nothing unique

Est DLC - Comes with Good Growths, Underdog and Luck +4, which are Villager and Dancer exclusive
Est Spotpass - Doesn't Exist

Alm DLC - Comes as Demon Fighter, a DLC exclusive class, with Rally Resistance, a Valkyrie exclusive skill
Alm Spotpass - Comes with no exclusive anything

Celica DLC - Comes with Rightful King, a Lord/Male child of Chrom exclusive skill
Celica Spotpass - comes with no exclusive anything

Katarina DLC - Comes with Rally Strength (MAle exclusive) and Shadowgift (Aversa/Morgan!Aversa/DLC Micaiah exclusive)
Katarina Spotpass - Nothing exclusive

Seliph DLC - Comes with Galeforce (Female exclusive) and Charm (LOrd exclusive)
Seliph Spotpass - Has Charm (Lord exclusive)

Leif DLC - Come swith Underdog (Villager exclusive)
Leif Spotpass - nothing exclusive

Roy DLC - Dual Strike+ (Lord exclusive)
Roy Spotpass - nothing exclusive

Lyn DLC - Zeal (Male exclusive)
Lyn Spotpass - nothing exclusive

Eirika DLC - Bride class, Luck +4 (Dancer exclusive)
Eirika Spotpass - Nothing exclusive

Ephraim DLC - Conquest skill (Valhart/Morgan!Valhart exclusive)
Spotpass - Rightful King and Support Block+ exclusive (Lord/Male children of Chrom and Valkyrie exclusive respectively)

Elincia DLC - Charm (Lord Exclusive)
Spotpass - no exclusive

Ike DLC - Aether
Spotpass - Aether

Micaiah DLC - Shadowgift (Aversa/Aversa!Morgan/DLC Katarina exclusive)
Micaiah spotpass - Nothing exclusive

And to add on to that, these are the character maps with rewards.

Micaiah - Comes with Stats +2 Manual, which teaches the skill Stats+2 to your characters.
Alm - Comes with Demon Fighter Scroll, which changes your male units to Demon Fighter
Seliph - Comes with Paragon manual which teaches the skill Paragon to your characters (Ups exp gain)
Eirika - Comes with Bride's Bouquet, which changes your female units to Bride
Lyn - Comes with Iote's Shield manual, which teaches the skill Iote's Shield to your characters (Protects fliers from arrows)
Ike - Comes with Limit Breaker Manual, which teaches the Limit Breaker skill to your characters (Breaks all caps by 10)
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Marth has two Spotpasses:
His second (King Marth) has the following: Sol, Luna, Astra, Aegis, [Whatever Royal Weapon is called]
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Ah, whoops XD I knew there were two, but I derped and was looking at SD's one when I was looking for New Mystery so I thought they were the same XD
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