If in Canada, check EB Games stores starting tomorrow. Game being shipped early

#251ZeroX25Posted 1/29/2013 9:48:58 PM
Faelor posted...
For those in Calgary, the EB Games in Marlborough has the game. Not sure of Sunridge or anywhere else.

Nice! I might pick it up after my classes tomorrow, but I won't be able to play it right away since I have assignments to do and tests to study for. ;-;
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My body is ready for Canada. (I love your bacon and Celine Dion.)
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Brave_Vesperia posted...
Never realized there was so many people from BC on this board. Awesome. Go Canucks.

Yeah! Go Canucks! :D
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Yes! I just got my copy of the game in the mail this morning.
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Just called the store I used to work for. The manager there said that they are only honouring it if you had a pre-order, since they started calling people saying that it is in. So if you pre-ordered, have fun :D
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Ugh, I wish there was more info about what was going to happen in the U.S
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Just got to chapter 9. Libera = Libra
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Hmm, I just called in Regina, and they said they got a new street date this morning and won't sell it =/
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Just got Henry. And yes, his name is still Henry.
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#260AngelicLovePosted 1/30/2013 10:48:41 PM
Got the game yesterday afternoon.
From Canada as well, right across the border from Detroit.

I had a Pre-order and they told me it was in. They also said that I was the first and only person in the whole city who even preordered or knows the game existed.

This is despite them having a display poster for it right in the store's racks, too.

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