Apparently street date has been lifted in US, Gamstops will sell when shipments

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...despite a big poster that said "AVAILABLE NOW," said they also didn't have any shipments.

Sounds like how my Gamestop was when I was asking when Luigi's Mansion would come out while preordering FE. The guy didn't even know what Luigi's Mansion was, despite it being right beside FE on the "PREORDER NOW" poster.

LOL gotta love ignorant gamestop workers, I mean if your not a gamer its cool and all but at least get your act together.

I probably wouldn't be so sassy about it if it weren't for the fact that he was oh so excited to tell me about all the FPS's they have on PS3 and Xbox 360 after I was done asking about all the Nintendo stuff that he didn't really have a clue about. It's the joys of living in a college town, I'll tell you.

Of course, this is also the Gamestop that (quite hilariously) called me as I was in the store picking up my preordered Pokemon game. Not their fault this time, but hilarious anyways.
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I've made about 30 calls to Gamestop, if not more, so let me share some of my findings/summarize things for people who haven't kept up:


- Shipments for certain parts of Canada came at around 8:30 PM last night. Because an e-mail went out saying the street date was lifted, EBGames was allowed to sell them right away, i.e. before the release date.
- The only way to get a came from outside of Canada is to either travel there or have a friend ship it to you, TMK, and most places don't have copies that aren't pre-orders and most places have sold out already.
- Best Buy has and/or will follow suit, according to a tweet.

U.S. News/Speculation/Rumors:

- Supposedly, the street date has been lifted. However, there's no official proof of this. Furthermore, some retailers may refuse to sell until the 4th (because I don't know why except stubbornness).

- Regarding pre-orders, GameStop has stopped for a while, but Best Buy should still be open. Bundles for Gamestop are also still available. Canada's online shop is also accepting orders. If you're in Canada and didn't get it in the first round, I don't feel bad for you, but you can expect another shipment either around Friday or next week.

- The bundle is not available in stores at ALL to my knowledge... err, speaking of the U.S. anyway.


You won't get a consistent response by calling Gamestop, however, here are expected shipping times:

- The bundle will be shipped the 3rd. I spent way too long on the phone figuring this out. If you have 1-day shipping, you should be getting the game at your house the 4th, according to what they said, the latest the 5th. Tack on a day for 2-day shipping and as for regular shipping, well, you should have thought about that when you purchased it. :P

- If you've pre-ordered the game, the transaction should be going through very shortly (at least for the bundle). Check to make sure it goes through as credit card companies may think it's fraud. As for what this means, the transaction is made within 10 days of the release date on pre-orders; they give you time to fix your info as well, in case it doesn't work, but do it ASAP or you risk not getting it on time.

- Game shipments should arrive Friday, February 1st, 2013. Not only have I read this in multiple places but the few INFORMED people stated that the shipments were trying to be brought in a little earlier as to prevent the dillema with the game being shipped on Monday and not being available until Tuesday, as many people are familiar with (oh wee GameStop). However, I have not confirmed this 100%, and many places still believe that the game will not arrive until the 5th, but I honestly think that these places are outdated with their information, or else I'm just being overly positive.

Thus if you're wondering if we'll be able to get the game Friday IF it arrives and the street date is lifted... chances are slim, but it's not completely impossible. I wouldn't get your hopes up though. My sources are:

- Custom Service line
- Around 15 different GameStop locations called (locally, non-locally, and in Canada) I usually call about every few days to check on the status (which is why it alerted me when their projected arrival date changed from the 5th to the 1st)
- Reading up on various websites, studying track records, etc.

Hope this gives people a sense of what's going on. I feel like I can rest a little bit better knowing I've done everything I can to try and get the game and not be left in the dust because Canada gets in almost a week early...
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...despite a big poster that said "AVAILABLE NOW," said they also didn't have any shipments.

Sounds like how my Gamestop was when I was asking when Luigi's Mansion would come out while preordering FE. The guy didn't even know what Luigi's Mansion was, despite it being right beside FE on the "PREORDER NOW" poster.

To be fair, the poster also had "pre-order" on it, implying that it was "AVAILABLE (for pre-order) NOW", but I almost felt like asking the employee why you'd bother having a poster like that if it's not actually available.

No big deal, I'll just check by again tomorrow, maybe I'll get lucky. Only game I've ever been able to get before street date was Metroid Fusion, back when KB Toys was still a thing.
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Thanks fireblazer for the long recap. Good to have a summary
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Alright, I guess we'll see what we see.
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barely browsing the topic, but: the AVAILABLE NOW poster should have strips that say coming soon over them, we were emailed about it. more than likely it was a printing error, that **** happens all the time with our marketing.

second, i have a vested interest in the game and checked shipping quantities to my own store today, which still said 0 which i assume is the case at just about every store. so chances are, it wont even arrive til monday.
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Just called my local gamestop here in michigan and he said no street date broken and shipments of the game won't arrive until friday.

What part of Michigan, if I may ask? :o


Hopefully they'll have it in Ypsi.

Bleh, nothing here in Macomb so far. I'll just hope maybe by Friday.
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I'm guessing this won't affect Amazon?
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