Apparently if you didn't pre-order, GameStop won't have copies for you

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you can always download it from the eshop day 1

Buying games digitally that you can get physically is horrible.

Annnndd so is not pre-ordering early :X

Sorry, but it had to be said.

No f**k off. You shouldn't have to purchase something before it's out in order to get it. That's not how capitalism works. Video game stores like Gamestop get away with it because of the kind of hype that can build up for unreleased games, and their employees are pressured into trying to sell preorders. But you, as a consumer, should exercise your right to purchase things that you know you want, when you can actually receive them.

In this case, you're not getting the game early. But that does not in any way mean that you should start preordering everything now.
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I'm mad, I went to pre order today, and they apparently cut off pre orders last week, unless your getting the 3ds bundle, which can still be pre ordered, but that's dumb.
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Gamestop is not the only place that will be selling it
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Halectic posted...
Gamestop is not the only place that will be selling it

Only one that apparently is prior to the 4th. Except maybe Best Buy, seeing how that went down in Canada.
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I bought the game just fine today in Canada without a pre order.

I didn't get an artbook, but I did get the game.