best DS and advance fire emblem?

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It's a tough choice for me for the GBA ones, but I'm going with Fire Emblem: SS, just because of the extra classes and the ability to train units as much as you want. I preferred the story of FE7, though.

For the DS versions, definitely the Japan-only Shin Monshou, especially if you can play the english fan translation. I love being able to create my own character but I still have gripes with the claymation graphics.
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The Fir Coat posted...
FE7, just titled "Fire Emblem"

I thought it was Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken ?
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assassin29 posted...
Can someone recommend where I can find FE12, the translation, and the best emulator to play it on? I apologize if I'm breaking any rules by asking.

You can find the translation patch on

The rest you need to Google, it'll show up pretty quickly.
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NeonYoshi11 posted...
The Fir Coat posted...
FE7, just titled "Fire Emblem"

I thought it was Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken ?

It's just FE in NA.
Anyway SD is a pretty good game, it's just not as good compared to the newer FE games.
FE7 is the best advance one followed by 8. 6 is good to, just not as.
#25WestbrickIIIPosted 1/31/2013 3:24:35 PM
Gonna echo FE7 >> FE8 > Shadow Dragon.

SD is actually a really good game, and people don't like it because it's pretty unintuitive and imbalanced in places (Gaiden maps lmao). Still, it's a faithful remake of an absolutely superb Famicom classic, even if it hasn't aged all that well.
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The problems with Shadow Dragon

-enemy layout etc. is copypasted from FE1, a game that's 20 years old, despite the many new mechanics that make it just terrible (for example: weapon triangle when like 90% of the enemies use Lances makes sword users useless)
-harder modes don't change layouts etc., they just pump up enemy stats
-horrible weapon imbalance (made worse by 90% of enemies using lances)
-terrible growths for most units
-too much warp+hammerne available
-supports were useless
-because of the above, warpskipping half the game with Caeda/Barst is the best strategy, meaning that the first 6 or so chapters are the only ones that matter

New Mystery, despite using the same engine, improved on all of these things (also there was actual characterization). The only thing that really bothered me was only Marth could visit Villages
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