Which Fire Emblems have you played ?

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Sword of Seals
Blazing Sword
Sacred Stones
Path of Radiance
Radiant Dawn
Shadow Dragon
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Vandal26 posted...
Huff n puff 20 posted...
Vandal26 posted...

Also, in response to your sig, only Takeru can beat the BETA, though I'd like to think Kotetsu could take a few out...

There's a hell of a lot more to beating the BETA than just Takeru.

But... let's say after Alternative occurs, say about 124 years later... TSF development lead to Armored Core.... say the Armored Core NEXT (AC4/ACfA) (which'd be crazy better than a TSF)....
Just because one Superior got fragged... and SHADOW was operational... but.... fufufu.... (That'd be Project Ignition)

True enough, guess I'm just a Takeru fanboy heh.

I've only played like one Armored Core game, so I got the NEXT mixed up with the superheroes from the anime Tiger and Bunny, now I feel stupid... >_<

Maybe I should look into the Armored Core games, any suggestions on where to start?

For Answer.
Think a NEXT will save you from BETA? Think again.
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Luv my Swordmasters.
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All of them, and Awakening tomorrow.