One thing you hate about this game?

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The fact that I don't own it yet.

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I'm sure you get the idea where this is heading
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a fan
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The great blend of great sound, production values, graphics and gameplay will raise my expectation levels for other games, meaning I might become less satisfied with them because of Awakening!

Seriously, I don't think I'll ever turn off battle animations (and I have restarted a few of the chapters). Double attack + double support dual attack AND skill/crit activations never get old...
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No Shinon on the FE9 Spotpass team, so we don't get his supah sexay growths.
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No male manaketes.

Seriously, was Bantu the only manakete dude alive?
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Brady672_AT_fan posted...
No male manaketes.

Seriously, was Bantu the only manakete dude alive?

What about Gotoh, or Xane, or Medeus was a Manakete right?
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No feet!
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Narga, Holsety, Valflame, and Thorhammer's animations. Not nearly as epic as they should be, especially Narga and Holsety. (Narga becoming sunburst and Holsety is now Cone of Cold)
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