So just got back from preordering!

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3 years ago#1
I had originally just wanted the game, since i already own a 3ds. But talking to one of my friends he was interested in the game as well. i decided to just give him my old 3ds since heck its a limited edition 3ds for fire emblem.

Im a bit confused though, and i might need a little help. One when exactly does this game get released? because to my understanding, and here on this site and gamestop website its the 4th (Monday) but when i preordered the guy told me they would have it within the week, at least before Friday. Now granted i live in Hawaii and when games get released its usually a day or two after (unless its a huge hit game in which the stores gets it well in advance) so its somewhat common, but i guess i just want to know when does this game actually get released?

Two: since this is going to be my second 3ds how does transferring work? i have bought a few 3ds/vc titles, plus im an Ambassador do all my purchases get transferred? it would suck to lose especially the Ambassador games i own. With that do i need anything else besides the 2 3ds? like a transfer kit or anything of the like?

Lastly while i know i am late im going to assume im not getting the artbook? i mean the game is suppose to come out in 2 days, but i have preordered items usually a day before and got the gifts beforehand. again its not a too big of lost. it would have been nice, but not something i need especially being a huge fire emblem fan.

sorry this was a long post hope people can answer my questions seriously cannot wait!
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3 years ago#2
There's some oddness going on with shipments and whatnot that are leaving a lot of people confused about when the store will actually have the game, that's about the only definitive information we can give you about the whole release date thing.

As for systems transfer, all you need are the two systems, yes.
3 years ago#3
Seems like it (was reading it bit didnt really have time to look through this forum tried to stay off for spoilers and stuff) i mean i dont mind since i get paid this week, and if it comes earlier i can always take out money, but it would have been nice for an exact date, but its all cool.

Good to know about the transfer. this is my first time (and hopefully last till the next nintendo handheld comes out) so i just want it done right the first time and still be able to play my games on my new 3ds.
I walk alone in the universe as the last of The Time Lords!
3 years ago#4
As you are getting the limited edition system, they should have and artbook set aside for each system so you will probably be getting it. If you had just gone for the game itself at this point, you probably would not have. It sounds to me like they stopped taking preorders many places due to lack of artbooks.

As for the release... Sometime between last Monday and the 8th. Everything's been all messed up since Canada broke street date Monday. No one can really be sure what is going on until they have their copy or their store has its shipments in.

Can't help you on the other part, sorry.
3 years ago#5
that would be nice, and if what the employee says was correct i was the only person to preorder the system for that store, so if thats the case cool. again i know since i was late i shouldnt really get the artbook, but cool if i do!
I walk alone in the universe as the last of The Time Lords!
3 years ago#6
A Fire Emblem player from Hawaii.

That is too awesome.
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