Finally want to get into Fire Emblem. What's a good entry game?

#1-BrokenSpiral-Posted 2/3/2013 10:25:54 AM
I've been thinking about it for years, but I decided that I need to play them after seeing Sigurd. So what are some good ones to start with?
#2Godly_GoofPosted 2/3/2013 10:26:54 AM
This and the first GBA one imo.
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#3Scout_TaronPosted 2/3/2013 10:27:19 AM
Awakening is a really good one to start with. Besides that either
#4guedesbrawlPosted 2/3/2013 10:27:51 AM
all games that got here are a good way to start,besides the wii one.

i'd go with either FE7 (known as fire emblem,for the gba),that has a nice 10 chpater-long tutorial
the Ds one,that is a remake of the first game for the's VERY simple,and will teach you the very basics...because that's all you have.
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#5OmegChosenPosted 2/3/2013 10:29:36 AM
I'd say the first GBA one, the one labeled just Fire Emblem, and the second GBA one, Sacred Stones, are probably the best to start with.

This is a great game too, I just think you should save it for after those two so as to not spoil yourself.
#6ikilledkenny2Posted 2/3/2013 10:35:42 AM
7, which is just called Fire Emblem here, 9, Path of Radiance, or 13, Awakening.

Don't pick Radiant Dawn/10 as its a sequel to 9', and Sacred Stones/Shadow Dragon(8 and 11) aren't that good.
#7Jitunu321Posted 2/3/2013 11:16:19 AM
Play Shadow Dragon. Because if you can enjoy that, you'll love all of them
#8Tatakai-No-KamiPosted 2/3/2013 11:23:57 AM
FE 7

aka, Fire Emblem on GBA
#9BobTDonutPosted 2/3/2013 11:34:09 AM
Since you are new here, if you ever see a post by a fellow named Endgame, just ignore it. It will be better for you in the long run.

That being said, this one is great for beginners, and there is a demo you can try out. From there, the Gamecube one (Path of Radiance) and either GBA title are good titles to also try out. Radiant Dawn (Wii) is the sequel to Path of Radiance, but it can be fairly difficult so I would hold off on playing that til you dive a bit deeper into the series (although I still find it quite enjoyable). The DS one, Shadow Dragon, was a remake of the very first Fire Emblem game back on the NES, and it shows. You pretty much only want to pick this one up if you really just enjoy Fire Emblem.
#10dr_burger92Posted 2/3/2013 11:37:51 AM
Jitunu321 posted...
Play Shadow Dragon. Because if you can enjoy that, you'll love all of them

That's a pretty big IF.
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