Endgame's guide to dominating the game

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poptarts22 posted...
I used to think Endgame's trolling was just something he did as a hobby, buy after this extensive post, I think there are some SERIOUS mental/emotional issues at play here and I can't help but pity his existence.

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Sticky requested. I'm gonna pay attention to this one.
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Holy s*** Endgame this is actually useful. What are you doing?
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Thanks for the guide! Requesting sticky
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LookAngle posted...
Pairing a magic-based Avatar with Chrom is a terrible waste from a combat perspective. He either gives no significant bonuses to magic, or is stuck in the rather lackluster (offensively) Paladin class.

Either pair the Female Avatar with Ricken, Henry, a second gen or go with a Male Avatar and take your pic from the numerous solid magic options.


1. Chrom and MU both come in the Prologue and can be buffed up to an S-Rank quicker than just about any other pairing
2. the quicker you get to an S-Rank, the more quickly you can take advantage of huge boosts to Dual Attack / Defend rates
3. supports don't boost magic; they boost hit, avoid, critical, and critical evade
4. most importantly, Chrom is necessary to defeat the final boss; a Nosferatu tank won't be able to handle Gimle

lurking222 posted...
While Sorcerer is strong I doubt doing all your pairings for the explicit purpose of making almost every unit a Sorcerer probably isn't as strong as a mixed group.

it's much, much stronger. cleared Lunatic in 3 hours yesterday with this strategy
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katella posted...
Troll makes a guide for a game he despises.


whyd you post a picture of endgame?
he gonna cry
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From: WestbrickIII | #045
Lunatic in 3 hours

http://i.imgur.com/qd9BZ.gif http://i.minus.com/ijEcfvddY6scU.gif
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Dota2 posted...
From: WestbrickIII | #045
Lunatic in 3 hours


gotta mash start
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gotta mash start

i suppose if you were well planned and stuff

iuno im too bad to do that in three straight hours probably
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I'm still not sure about Endgame's strategy for the earlygame.

Also not sure how a man can come up with all these strategies for the game and then claim that the game takes no strategy, but that's a discussion for another time.
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