Who's staying strong and waiting for the physical copy?

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4 years ago#61
I'm not waiting another week for a game I waited 2 years for.
4 years ago#62
I already paid for a physical copy... I just hope this wait isn't too long.... -_-
(only worry is that the 1st DLC will stop being free before I get the game...)
4 years ago#63
I'm checking five stores that sell video games (Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, K Mart, and Toys R Us). If none of them have it, I'll delete my demo and go digital.
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4 years ago#64
Must.....resist.....getting it...from eShop.....

I also plan to use a giftcard this time and I love me those pre-order bonuses.
On the bright side... I kind of figured/already convinced myself a bit back that I wouldn't get the copy till the 5th (but why some stores saying the 8th?! *HEADDESK*)

I'm gonna have a heckuva time concentrating long enough for my online class though (which just HAD to start this week)
4 years ago#65
SquareSide posted...
I am, I still have Ni no Kuni to finish.

I'm in the same boat as you.
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4 years ago#66
Bought my digital copy this morning before work...it's downloading now!
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4 years ago#67
My physical copy arrived this morning.

It feels good to have pre-ordered it from a company that actually seems to give a **** about it's customers.
4 years ago#68
I am waiting. I had put a pre-order in at gamestop just for the exclusive bonus artbook.

if not for that limited artbook I would have just gone to pick it up wherever whenever possible.
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4 years ago#69
So I went to my local GameStop and the store clerk told me they were expecting the game to arrive in store sometime this afternoon. But, they won't sell the game until tomorrow because the game is "street dated" for the 5th in their system. Typical GameStop BS.
4 years ago#70
Because I rarely have access to a car during the week and my Saturday shift at work conflicts with when I would go to pick it up, I wasn't going to be able to get my copy until Sunday the 10th anyways, so this doesn't change my plans much.
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  3. Who's staying strong and waiting for the physical copy?

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