I've never played Fire Emblem. Are the game's stories connected?

#1Edge4o7_Posted 2/4/2013 5:14:55 PM
I was basically just wondering if I could play this game with no prior knowledge of Fire Emblem and be able to follow the story?
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#2ZanderKaboosePosted 2/4/2013 5:16:14 PM(edited)
Some of the games connect, but for the most part no... Other than the universal "fire emblem" in each game
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#3Soanevalcke6Posted 2/4/2013 5:16:20 PM
this game takes place so far into the future from FE1-FE3 that you will understand everything.
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#4KantonosoPosted 2/4/2013 5:17:45 PM
A few of them are connected but you can get by.

I guess you could think of this game as a veeeery distant sequel to the Original (and by association, it's DS remake, Shadow Dragon.) But at the same time, you don't need to know the characters or events of the original (save for the main character's name: "Marth") to follow this one.

A few others are connected here and there, like Path of Radiance (9th game) and Radiant Dawn (10th game) so it's not as disjointed as, say, Final Fantasy, but each game is easily played on it's own.
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#5iammaxhailmePosted 2/4/2013 5:20:12 PM
FE1: FE1.
FE2: Same world as FE1 but very little connection
FE3: Remake + Sequel to FE1
FE4: New world.
FE5: Same world as FE4, happens in the middle of FE4
FE6: New World
FE7: Happens in world of FE6, before FE6
FE8: New World, nothing shares it
FE9: New World
FE10: New World, direct sequel to FE9
FE11: remake fe1
FE12: remake fe3
FE13: I haven't played it yet, but from what I see in this topic, same world as FE1, with little connection
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#6Edge4o7_(Topic Creator)Posted 2/4/2013 5:20:41 PM
Cool thanks
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#7KantonosoPosted 2/4/2013 5:22:35 PM
Oh gosh, you're right, how could I forget to mention FE6-7?

By the way, TC, if you've ever played the Smash Bros games? Roy is from FE6. FE7 is more about his parents' battles. And Ike is from FE9 (and 10.)

Just throwing that out there, as well.
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