The only Bad thing about FE: Awakening is....

#1NeonYoshi11Posted 2/5/2013 11:19:18 AM
That this cast is so good, that it seriously makes picking who will be in Super Smash Brothers really hard.

With the way the game is set up, literally anybody could be a character now.

They are all now on a current Nintendo hand held and therefore are all now options to be picked.

Chrom, Frederick, Lo Qu, Main Character, Marth, Lyn, Eliwood, ect.....seriously so many characters I could see being in this game.

Nintendo should eventually do a spin-off where it's Super Smash Brothers Emblem and just FE characters.

But anyways, who would be your 2-3 characters who would make the game.

They aren't going to expand the roster a ton so I don't see any more than 2-3 making it in and one of those is most likely Chrom.

I'd post this in SSB forum but I felt it had more to do with this game anyways.

O yea this game is also in my top 20 of all time now after 1 day of playing.