Features that work in Awakening, but don't in Sacred Stones?

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Ugh, Garcia.

Dat 20% speed growth

Worst in the game, I believe.
I'm not a fan of fighters and the ocean crest is best used for Colm, so it's all iffy really.

Fighters promote with hero crests. Pirates and thiefs promote with ocean crests.

Also, Ocean Crest WAY better to use on Pirate Ross. Berserker Ross Boss Ross.
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Fighters promote with hero crests. Pirates and thiefs promote with ocean crests.

I meant Pirate Ross. The Ocean Crest is better used on Colm (in my opinion.)

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I love General Amelia. There bad move is rectified with a simple Swiftsole. High HP, Def and very good attack with 7 move? Gimme. Amelia has pretty high speed too.

But see that's the the thing, that Swiftsole could be given to any other unit who does the job better than her
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Awakening has a reason to grind. Sacred stones doesnt. Aside from using 3 characters who really arent remotely worth using and then there is a lot more repitision in SS there is far far more supports in this game and it actaully supports grinding properly there is reclassing on top of that and uber enemies.
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On the actual topic here, I haven't gotten too far in awakening yet, but the primary difference seems to be (as far as I've read about some of the later DLC and side quests) that Awakening has optional missions that actually warrant a bit of level grinding if you're playing on Lunatic. In Sacred Stones, all the cheesy mechanics just kinda made the game ridiculously easy in general. You're also getting plot for your side missions which gives it a bit more flavor.

Really though, I do think that it's mostly that this game added some very powerful features and improved some from previous FE games but made the enemies generally tougher to compensate here instead of keeping them at the same level. You HAVE to use unit pairing in early maps of lunatic difficulty. You just won't survive otherwise.