Who is your MU marrying/married to?

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User Info: bladedaxe

4 years ago#81
Olivia! I'm still a distance away, but for sure it'll be her.
You get the option to skip the tutorial stuff, so you'll start right at the balls. - Jabodie

User Info: KajiKingStarzky

4 years ago#82

User Info: Beth0r

4 years ago#83

Save a Pegasus, ride a cowboy.

User Info: ARsignal11

4 years ago#84
Gonna have him marry Cordelia the first time around.

At least, that's what I'm planning.

User Info: Dogscratch

4 years ago#85
Female MU - Marrying Laurent

For Male MU will probably be Noire
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User Info: Drevvy

4 years ago#86

User Info: Bufkus

4 years ago#87
either Owain or Brady so I can pass Gale force down.

User Info: hypermoe

4 years ago#88
You know i havent really thought about it, i probably should sonce i should have my bundle today or tomorrow.
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User Info: Palinchron

4 years ago#89
Married Cordelia. Unfortunately she died in battle, but Morgan's a dark flier now and reminds me of her mom.
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User Info: Alanna82

4 years ago#90
I married Vaike. ^_^ He's funny.

I don't really care about stats and stuff. I'm pretty much only using a guide to recruit characters.
Happily married to Wiggumfan267 on Valentines day, 2005.
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  3. Who is your MU marrying/married to?

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