Why is Sacred Stones so hated?

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Endgame posted...
I don't understand how anyone could bash SUCKred Stones yet love Awakening (especially for the lack of difficulty), really

I mean..... really, SS had more thought put into its chapter design

So I take it your new gimmick is that you hate FE: A. I guess Black & White and KI:U aren't relevant enough anymore.
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Eh, if it wasn't for battles on the world map, people would have just grinded Boss battles. I know I did in POR and RD.
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WestbrickIII posted...
Few reasons:

1. It had the unfortunate privilege of coming immediately after FE7, which was the first game released in the US and frankly one of the absolute best games in the genre. Doesn't stack up by comparison.
2. Sickeningly easy.
3. Generally subpar character development and story compared to the previous entry.

Not a bad game by any means, however.


coming after FE7 is such an unfortunate mistake

Also i still find FoS harder than anything in FE7, because lolicanonlyplayfe7
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TwilightWolf000 posted...
Eh, if it wasn't for battles on the world map, people would have just grinded Boss battles. I know I did in POR and RD.

Oh god, boss grinding in FE4. Set it up right and you could max out every character. Good point too. People arena abused and boss abused anyway, they just made it more user friendly.
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IDK, particularly, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones is my absolute favorite then Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

I haven't played any of the old ones nor Shadow Dragon and Blazing Sword, but FE:SS wasn't all that bad. FE, the first one that came out for the US, FE 6? was the first one I played, but for some reason I just loved FE:SS... maybe because of the musics/tracks in the game, felt more.... dire and "real" to the situation.

FE:PoR was cool because Ike isn't even a Royal Lord, he's a mercenary... that is a main character. Like I said, I haven't played any other FE besides FE:SS, FE and FE:PoR asides FE:A but yeah, honestly, I enjoyed FE:SS very much even so when the N3DS had the Ambassador Certificate and it was one of the free downloads, I was ecstatic about it alongside with a good 'ol nostalgia of a game, Yoshi's Island.

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People can really complain about the difficulty (note a lot of FE fans pride them selves with the franchise being hard) IMO SS didnt really feel insanely easy to me though on hard mode at least. granted i am comparing its hard mode to FE7s normal mode (FE7s hard mode is pretty interesting) but IMO its a excellent game to start with or to just play other wise. the game is pretty fun i enjoyed a fair number of teh characters and supports some of the maps were kinda cool and the music was freaking great easily one of my favorite OSTs of the franchise The other being FE12. definitely my two favorite Strike themes that never really got old combined with some pretty freaking memorable and good over world themes.
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So I take it your new gimmick is that you hate FE: A. I guess Black & White and KI:U aren't relevant enough anymore.

well, they certainly aren't relevant to this discussion.....
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I liked it, kind of felt like a precursor to this game.
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It was actually the first game I played. Really not sure why people hate it, but I'm guessing it has to do with the characters. A lot of people in the US fell in love with the characters from 7, and I'm guessing they just didn't care for the ones in 8 as much. Well actually, I have a few friends who hate the game for that reason alone. Still I don't really see anything wrong with it, and there's quite a few characters in that game I really like! (Including the two leads, which I can't wait till I can get them in Awakening lol)
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it was too easy. my thief did like 20 damage a hit, and hit twice like 100% of the time, and almost never got hit. and some other guy i had was the other way around, did like 40 damage a hit, hit once, got hit a lot almost always took 0 damage. it was stupid how easy it was
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