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What skills to pass to children? (Archived)HodorThePokemon37/11 8:52PM
Does it bug you how hated this game is? (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
LucasMucas197/11 8:45PM
Can we talk for a moment- (Archived)Twilite_shards37/11 4:24PM
Ugh, I just found out I gave my avatar the wrong asset and flaws. (Archived)SpeedDemon2047/11 4:14PM
I just had 8 of my units die in a random Risen battle on Normal/Casual. (Archived)taoxadasa87/11 3:19PM
Awakening Doubts on Reclassing, Upgrading and Timeing x Difficulty (Archived)Onslaught_X36027/11 2:51PM
To veteran players of older fire emblem (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
colaiscoffe307/11 12:17PM
Lucina path? (Archived)HodorThePokemon77/11 5:37AM
When Master sealing Lonqu... (Archived)TRICERATOPS4287/11 12:00AM
I'm not sure about the series. (Archived)Gamecube_Gamer97/10 9:54PM
Virion: Sully, Cherche, or Cordelia? (Poll)Jkickit77/10 9:48PM
Quick Lucina question (Archived)Contradictator67/10 6:12PM
Whydo people only hate on Cordelia when others have the same problem, but worse? (Archived)that__one_guy107/10 5:38PM
What skills should Gregor and Cherche give Gerome? (Archived)GladiusVortex77/10 1:38PM
Are you ashamed of liking this game? (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
LucasMucas127/10 1:34PM
Worst children couple? (Archived)notausername11777/10 12:51PM
When exactly are children stats determined? aka when is it too late to level up (Archived)GerenalBBB47/10 12:17PM
Second Seals (Archived)PyreofKoL97/10 6:51AM
Best way to play the game? (Archived)Steelix50067/9 5:59PM
Normal/Classic or Hard/Classic with No Pair Up, Seals and maybe other limits? (Archived)Uzamaki11757/9 5:53PM
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