Why are Fire Emblem stories so...bland

#11outsideboxdudePosted 2/8/2013 1:42:00 PM
The stories themselves suck, but it's done pretty well once you get to the middle of the game so it doesn't bother me too much.
#12Ro9gePosted 2/8/2013 1:42:07 PM
I admit, most of the C rank dialogues sound...really iffy most of the time. But the later ranks seem to be better since the characters know each other some. (Although Chrom and Sumia's S rank was rather cringe worthy to me)

I haven't even come close to finishing the over-arching story yet but...it's better than I thought at first. It employs frequent use of cliches, but still has it's own tale that it tells very well. Still, the main reason I like this game so far is the gameplay. Really well done stuff here.
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The stories of the Fire Emblem games have never really been the greatest, I'll admit... I honestly did like the stories for Path of Radiance and Blazing Sword, though. Awakening's is definitely kind of cliche and typical, yeah. But that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying it a lot.
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I've always enjoyed Fire Emblem's dialogue/character interactions.
I don't yet know how Awakening fares though, since I've only just now received my copy.
A good story itself is awfully rare.
I can't say I've ever uncovered such a rarity in this series, but that's hardly a knock on it.
I value the character conversations more than the overarching plot anyway.
Let it be rife with time travel, amnesia, and every other form of regrettable nonsense; so long as the banter is up to snuff, I'm good.
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snowflake182 posted...
wolfei132 posted...
fire emblem games generally just start out slow. near the middle of the game it picks up, and the ending was really gripping, to me at least.

QFT I loved the build up to the end game, but I gotta say the TC sounds like he doesn't like JRPG's in general, the dialogue is usually fairly campy in them.

He'd probly like obsidian written games.

Not necessarily true. I love SRPGs, and they usually have better storylines than their JRPG counterparts. Off the top of my head, FFT, Tactics Ogre, and Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume had excellent dialogue and stories. Even Valkyria Chronicles, which has a lot of campy moments, had a somewhat interesting premise.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the gameplay and by extension enjoying the game, but I feel the storyline is hardly more than an excuse plot for fighting. Case and point, you arrive at a castle to establish an alliance with a kingdom, and a head guard just decides she isn't going to believe you and you fight to the death right in front of it. Immediately after both sides are like "okay I guess were cool", despite the fact a dozen people were just slain.

And the very next mission is even more absurd. You want an alliance with my kingdom? Well we have fights between our providences to determine who gets to make that decision (wait, what?). Oh, but we don't fight them ourselves (lol what?). Oh and guess what we are about to have that fight conveniently right now if you would like to kill more people in the name of...the most ridiculous form of government ever? (okay, Fire Emblem, whatever you say).

It just makes it so difficult to take this game seriously.
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FE 9 and FE 10 had a great story. But generally, the formula is the same.

King goes insane, goes on killing spree and attempts to resurrect an evil force while conquering the continents, and the main lord has to stop them.
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The story is the weakest part of the game but I still intrigued enough past chapter 11 to want to see how it continues. Thankfully it so far lacks the pretentiousness of other RPGs (looking at you Final fantasy) and the characters are likable so I can't really say anything bad about it however.
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Spiega posted...
FE 9 and FE 10 had a great story. But generally, the formula is the same.

King goes insane, goes on killing spree and attempts to resurrect an evil force while conquering the continents, and the main lord has to stop them.

This is where the difference between the formula and what is actually done becomes hugely important, though. Boiling any game down to its formula gets a bland description not truly descriptive of its content.

Like Ashnard fitting that description to a T, but in reality he was unwittingly acting according to the machinations of one who has been wronged by man for centuries and had his morals and convictions twisted because of it, yet retained enough clarity to regret what he has to do.
#19kamikaze135Posted 2/8/2013 2:11:31 PM
The story in this game is utter garbage and way too cliche. I could see a ton of potential, but I find myself at chapter 23, trying to force myself to finish this. I definitely won't be picking up anymore FE games after this. The gameplay is great and all, but it's just not enough to keep my attention. If it at least had some interesting characters....
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Chapter 9-11 were incredible.
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