One thing I never really liked about Fire Emblem.

#11TalesOfGodPosted 2/8/2013 3:56:42 PM
Arrei posted...
As far as I'm aware, Fire Emblem's the only series that consistently has royal main characters... don't we have enough heroes from lowborn origins, then?

So true. After all, Fire Emblem is in the Middle Ages (WHERE IT SHOULD STAY!) and Royalty were basically the people who were leading armies around at that time.

Also, the majority of RPG heroes are NOT royalty, so I agree with Arrei.
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I suppose you could start off with a thief or mercenary, but that would make it a little hard to justify raising an army. You could start as a member of an existing army (knight, peg, etc), but that would functionally be the same as starting as a lord.