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4 years ago#1
an archer.
Is that a bad thing? I did it cause i like archery, I used my name and thus I can now be an archer. Sure, Virion is great but, two isn't bad right?

I picked + skill - mag if that helps any.

4 years ago#2
Do you like Archers in FE? Personally I don't, but that is my own opinion. Virion hasn't been in an actual fight since I got him. Archers are just so.... bad. My personal opinion though.

If you like Archers and want to be an Archer go ahead. It is your game.
4 years ago#3
I do like them and do not consider them bad, but then again I would use them even if they were because well.. I like them.
4 years ago#4
There you go. Do stuff you like. ^.^
4 years ago#5
Might I suggest reclassing into something else first to obtain some skills? It will make your Archer / Sniper / Bow Knight more devastating in the long run.
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4 years ago#6
Well, Virion kicks total ass in my game. And since you're the MU and are probably going to have great stats, you'll probably be just fine.
4 years ago#7
Maybe I should give Virion a chance rather than remember all the horrible Archer deaths from past FE experience.
4 years ago#8
Sniper with double bow and lethality skill? Astra? Plenty of fun. Archer class and sniper are the only classes in the game to get 2-3 attack range AFAIK. Only one dark tome has longer range
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