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User Info: chaosfusion321

4 years ago#1
so should i reclass her or not if yes than theif or wyvern rider
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User Info: Chaos_19

4 years ago#2
Doesn't hurt to, simply for the stat gains. You could even reclass her back into a Taguel if you felt like it. I'm partial to Wyvern riders (thanks to the abundance of sword users) but it's totally up to you.

User Info: alexchern

4 years ago#3
You should reclass to get some more skills. Taguel skills, while nice, would definitely benefit skills from the Wyvern Rider and Thief classes. I went Thief because Trickster Acrobat + Assassin's Lethality = Attack of the Killer Bunny
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User Info: Aarosmashguy27

4 years ago#4
I turned her into a Wyvern Lord and she wrecks most things.
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