What do you think should be the Canon Marriage Setup

#11XashowdPosted 2/9/2013 8:21:49 AM
Chrom x Sumia and Tharja x Male Avatar are the main ones I can see as Canon. Chrom/Sumia is obvious not only for the opening, but also various in-game hints. Male Avi/Tharja is also hinted in-game, but that's mostly because of Tharja's in-game description. Anyone else is pretty much fair game.
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#12AnotherSomebodyPosted 2/9/2013 8:24:02 AM
I accidentally paired Chrom to Sully before I realized exactly how the marriage system worked, but after that I've been more selective:


Vaike / Miriel
Gaius / Cordelia
Lissa / Player

Working on

Lon'qu / Say'ri
Cherche / Virion
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From looking at the characters, these are the fathers that I think most look like the child.

Lon'qu - Owain
Stahl - Inigo
Gregor - Brady
Kellam - Kjelle
Chrom - Cynthia
Gaius - Severa
Vaike - Gerome
Libra - Yarne ?
Virion - Laurent
Henry - Noire ?
Ricken - Nah


Yarne and Noire were the hardest to decide on, but I think Noire's hair is pretty similar to Henry's and she's kinda got his nose (although a lot of the noses look like that).
#14HejiruPosted 2/9/2013 8:56:31 AM(edited)
So that was Sumia in the opening? I kept trying to get a close look at her but I wasn't sure. Of course even without that Chrom + Sumia is kinda obvious.

Flavia and Basilio seem to be canon.

I had a thread like this recently and someone told me Inigo + Severa is implied.

Those are the only so-called canon ones I can think of.

I thought about pairing Ricken with Panne since it kept saying how animals liked Ricken and Panne was half rabbit (that sounds racist somehow...) but I looked up their support and in all three she doesn't seem to like him very much; she seems annoyed by him.

Lissa + Frederick feels right to me, but I can't say I've seen any evidence for it. Maybe I just have a tendency for the "princess + bodyguard" pairing after Sacred Stones.

Tharja and Henry seem kinda similar in nature.

Not sure about Maribelle. She looks down on common folk, so I was thinking about Virion since he's a classy noble. But then Ricken was the one who risked his life to save her, so I'm not sure.

To be honest, I'm still not sure about most characters. I can't tell who would be a good mate for Sully, I can't tell who Panne would like, who would be a good match for perfectionist scholar Miriel, I can't tell who would be the best to help Cordelia get over Chrom, or who's good for Lon'qu's fear of women or Libra's lack of self-esteem. Stuff like that.

Laoni posted...
Also, same with Basilio, he can only be paired with FeMU.

I thought Basilio was supposed to go with Flavia? Other than MU they can only support each other.
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earthmaster3 posted...
The only ones even hinted at being canon are Sumia x Chrom because of he opening CG or Chrom x Olivia because Inigo

Inigo and Severa aren't hinted at, he wants to marry her by A Support and she's very much interested in him.
FE:A-MU/Olivia, Chrom/Sumia, Lissa/Vaike, Lon'qu/Cordelia, Gaius/Maribelle, Donnel/Nowi, Riveria/Sully, Panne/Stahl, Miriel/Ricken, Tharja/Henri, Cherche/Virion
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VeryAngryKirby posted...
I picked Lissa x Frederick, because Frederick was Lissa's "crush" or something.

They certainly are the best fit in my mind because of what she says when you S rank their support.

That he was her first ever crush and that she's really happy to be able to marry her first love. It's a girls dream and all that. Seems 'canon' to me.
#17LaoniPosted 2/9/2013 9:07:03 AM
From: Hejiru | #014

Laoni posted...
Also, same with Basilio, he can only be paired with FeMU.

I thought Basilio was supposed to go with Flavia? Other than MU they can only support each other.

They can support each other, but they can't get married. They can only get married to Avatar
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VIrion x Cherche seems canon
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pls stop, you guys are slaughtering the meaning of the word "Canon".
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