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How would you list the NA FE games, from best to worst?

#1Demon_Boy30Posted 2/9/2013 10:37:52 AM
After much deliberation, this is how I think I would rank them (purely opinion based, no flaming please). And I'm including six in this purely because its so easy to access a translated rom.

Blazing Sword >= Awakening > Sword of Seals > Sacred Stones > Path of Radiance > Radiant Dawn > Shadow Dragon (the remake, never played the original).

I'm pretty sure I didn't miss any.
I almost put SS above Sword of Seals (its a nostalgia thing, it was the second game I played after 7)

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#2PKRockin531Posted 2/9/2013 10:41:57 AM
Awakening = Blazing Sword > Shadow Dragon > Sacred Stones > Path of Radiance > Radiant Dawn

I really don't like the Tellius games at all.
#3EndgamePosted 2/9/2013 10:43:52 AM
Blazing Sword
Shadow Dragon

.....the others don't count because they're not real Fire Emblems
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#4peter_888Posted 2/9/2013 10:43:52 AM
Blazing Sword=Awakening>Path of Radiance> Radiant Dawn> Swords of Seals> Sacred Stones> Shadow Dragon

I probably put blazing sword and awakening above POR since POR is a tad easy.(put I do love most of POR mechanics and the story and characters). Radiant Dawn and SOS would probably be about even for me since they're both fun gameplay wise, but they're story is kind of meh. but SOS probably bored me more in the story department than Radiant Dawn did. (that and Roy is probably the most boring protagonist I've have played in a video game) Sacred Stones was enjoyable but after FE7. it felt kind of meh. Didn't really like shadow dragon
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#5White_Knight13Posted 2/9/2013 10:46:12 AM(edited)
Blazing Sword, Sword of Seals, Sacred Stones, PoR, Awakening, SD=RD.
#6NettoSaitoPosted 2/9/2013 10:46:02 AM
I've only finished 3 of the US ones, and I didn't play enough of the 4th to judge it but....

FF:A > BS > SS > RD > PoR (never played the last one....)
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#7pikachupwnagePosted 2/9/2013 10:46:03 AM
Sacred stones.

Only two I Have played.
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#8Darq_VPosted 2/9/2013 10:46:58 AM
Endgame posted...
Blazing Sword
Shadow Dragon

.....the others don't count because they're not real Fire Emblems

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#9pickledude11Posted 2/9/2013 11:01:10 AM
FE7 > Awakening > Path of Radiance > Shadow Dragon > Scared Stones > Radiant Dawn

(I would add Sword of Seals between PoF and Shadow Dragon)
#10gsninjaPosted 2/9/2013 11:03:29 AM
FE9 = FE10 = FE13 >>> FE8 = FE7
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