Let's play a game, predict what fire emblem character I am!

#1thefinalzapkeetPosted 2/9/2013 11:00:44 AM
Herrp derp derpity herp derp

"oh noes, the zombies are attacking, we must runnnnnn"


Chrom and his brosephs* "hey guys, we're here to help!"

"oh yay, let's run away from them"

Chrom: WTF, brosephs, go to the left and save them!"

Brosephs: "Away!"

*Brosephs: "We cleared the left area come up here dudes"

"yayyyyy" *runs the opposite direction towards the bottom*

brosephs: "Gods we must save them!"

"nooo, you guys suck as a calvary"


who am I?

but seriously, in pretty much EVERY game i play, if i can rescue villagers/civilians i can, and I'll always reset. those guys pissed me off so much when i had 4 units around them but just not enough to take out that last Pegasus knight. I just ended up playing.

It's not your fault Chrom T_T they were just suicidal
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