Explain the commonly stated idea that this game is balanced around permadeath.

#21la_mayonesaPosted 2/9/2013 4:34:38 PM
The game is balanced around permadeath because of the types of situations you're thrown in. Usually the enemies are going to be weaker than but greatly outnumbering you. If they see one person vulnerable for a kill they'll rush for them even if it means getting themselves killed next turn. With enemies like this, a goal of "don't let the leader(s) die" is really easy. But when letting anybody die means your army is now weaker next fight, you now have to play more strategic.

Compare this to the Shining Force games, a series that is not balanced around the idea of permadeath. In those games the enemy are going to generally be around the same strength levels but only outnumber you by a little bit. If you add permadeath to Shining Force, you have a game way more difficult that Fire Emblem. But if you take away permadeath from Fire Emblem, you have a game way easier than Shining Force.
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