Too many level 20s

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3 years ago#11
I have a bit of the same problem. My MU and Chrom were both hitting past 15. I managed to buy a Master Seal and promoted my MU, but Chrom is now 18 and I've got nothing to promote him with >_>
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3 years ago#12
How many hours did you put into Grinding? I'm severely under leveled. I'm at chapter 24 and I only have 6 units that are actually playable (3 actually @MU Chrom and Thraja) and the other 3 are just units that are decently level'd but have terrible stats.. :\ If what you did is manageable - I'm all for it!
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3 years ago#13
Well I just ran into an Anna that had a Master Seal so I bought it and promoted both Chrom and MU just so I can use them to train other units without having to constantly run DLC.

Oh and I'm playing Classic-Hard btw.
3 years ago#14
So... would you like to explain why you decided that you absolutely had to run through the DLC ten times?
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3 years ago#15
Well if you want to farm for skills now, it will suck. Since well all those extra levels makes you gain so little exp.
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