So why did Chrom...*endgame spoilers*

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2 years ago#1
Do they mention why Chrom dies so much later in the future timeline? I mean, Lucina mentions that she learned to fight from Chrom and that he used to share little secrets with her, so obviously she was older than a baby. And since Chrom got killed by MU right before MU became Grima, that'd mean Grima revived much later in that timeline as well.

...but why would it have taken so much longer in that timeline? I'm guessing Validar takes forever to get his hands on all the gemstones in that timeline somehow...but then you'd think Lucina would freak out about how everything is happening much faster.

I probably missed something obvious.
2 years ago#2
My guess
Validar gets fire emblem and instead the objective would be to defend the gems
Lucina is too busy being wrapped freaking out about the similarities , so she can't notice the major difference (she doesn't remember the Fire Emblem being taken, so she may think it will happen sooner or later, because she wasn't old enough to fight until she was defending the gems, so she wasn't taken by much surprise when they lost the emblem)
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2 years ago#3
It's because this game doesn't think out its timeline very well.
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2 years ago#4
Pretty sure they mention at some point that they're waking Grima up earlier in the main story timeline than when they did in Lucina's.
2 years ago#5
Well, Basilio had one of the gems, unbeknownst to everyone else, and he ended up dying in the alternate timeline, so at the very least that one would have been difficult to get their hands on. And I can't imagine that the avatar of Naga is just going to hand hers over either.
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