Are people really going to buy these DLC's.......

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4 years ago#1
This is sad none of them are even different? They are just reskins of classes if I am not mistaken. No real custom classes except lodestar which I am sure is just a rename. I was looking through so basically all they are is recolors and different hair colors and crap portraits.

No thanks for paying a few bucks just to get a new battle and slap a portrait on another character.
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4 years ago#2
I for one am not buying for the characters, I'm buying for the actual missions
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4 years ago#3
Demon fighter and bride are new classes with new skills. You should give them a look when they come out
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4 years ago#4
Well, there are new classes and skills as well for some.

Some difficult maps are pretty fun as well. Future of Despair series is good in my opinion.
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4 years ago#5
There's some story to it, and they're the only feasible way to grind levels on Hard/Lunatic/Lunatic+, because Reeking Boxes are priced at a stupid price.
4 years ago#6
Probably not going to buy all of them, however, there are a few good DLC later on. Some are good just as maps, and others for items such as the demon fighter scroll, or Eirika's Bride class. Or Ike's Limit Breaker scroll.

In most cases, however, yes, they are usually just reskins you could easily get an MU to be.
4 years ago#7
$6 a month for new maps a few new classes and skill as well as the new stories and challenges? Sounds good to me, the characters are just a bonus.
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4 years ago#8
I love the game and I support Nintendo. So yeah, I will buy them all. Some will be more useful then others but yes. Especially the Spotpass characters. A lot of people rise from the grave and become playable. I'm going to do a hard replay later after everything comes out, just so I can marry one of them.

This game is great and I will support them with my money. It's either that or I write them a letter which I don't think they'd actually read.
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4 years ago#9
Lodestar isn't really a class so much as a sneaky way of making DLC Marth's default class be a special class Lord with a level cap of 30 and no promotion... just like he was in the original games.
4 years ago#10
We only have the first two, don't make assumptions off of them.

Many of them are interesting, and if not then they are useful. CoY2 is good grinding until the Entombed map comes out. Future of Despair is great, The Strongest One's Name is absurd, the beach/bathhouse/harvest DLC add in more inter-character dialogue for those who like it.

Just wait until we have more, Nintendo seems to like tormenting us by staggering releases more than the Japanese version did.
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  3. Are people really going to buy these DLC's.......

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