Did I mess up? *Chrom marriage question*

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3 years ago#1
i was doing the main story and Chrom and Sully automatically got married

i've only used Sully a couple times and she is really low leveled, will this mess up their kid?
3 years ago#2
Well no, but throws away a few class choices.
3 years ago#3
Not irrevocably. Their lack of Galeforce will be a issue from the min/max side but at least you won't need Armsthrift on one of them.
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3 years ago#4
only their base stats will take a hit, which are mostly irrelevant with infinite levels.
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3 years ago#5
Why did those two get married? is it scripted that Chrom and Sully always marry?

if not how do i choose?
3 years ago#6
If Chrom isn't married by the end of that chapter, he automatically marries whichever female he has the highest support level with. If you somehow manage to have no supports with any female, he marries a random village girl.
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3 years ago#7
At the end of Chapter 11, if Chrom doesn't have a S-Rank Support with someone, he's scripted to auto-S-Rank with the female Character that has the highest Support Rank with him, except Lissa. If it's a tie, some characters take precedence over others.

IIRC, it goes Sumia -> Maribelle -> Sully -> Olivia -> Female Avatar.

If he has no Supports with any of these girls, he marries a nameless NPC.
3 years ago#8
Is it actually support level, or support "points" acquired through hearts and stuff? As in, if Chrom's S-Ranked, say, Maribelle, and the other girls are either C or B, would he get paired with the girl he had the most little heart moments with, or because Maribelle is S-ranked, despite Chrom's point status with the non-S rank girls, she's the one who wins?
3 years ago#9
Well, S-rank is final. Once you're S-ranked, you're S-ranked for life; divorce apparently does not exist in this game. So your example is a bad one.

Now, if Maribelle was a mere A rank, against a B or C with a LOT of support points? I think - but am not sure - that it would still go to her. I think seeing a conversation counts more than not seeing it, but don't quote me on that.

I do know that seeing a C-rank conversation isn't necessary - or else it would be impossible to marry Chrom to Olivia. But if he's seen a C-rank conversation with any of his marriage options and you don't marry or kill off the woman? No marrying Olivia.

I think.

I could be wrong.
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3 years ago#10
So as long as Chrom has S-ranked a single girl by the end of stage 11, provided you don't plan to marry Olivia, that's who he's going to marry? That'd be kind of weird if he ended up with Sumia, just because they killed things while adjacent despite them only having a C-rank support.
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