Who is, in your opinion, the absolute greatest Fire Emblem character ever?

#71DemiseEndPosted 2/15/2013 2:34:00 AM

He sacrificed practically everything for Leaf after losing both Cuan and Ethlin, and served him to the very end after losing his capability to have emotions and even deal with his "at the time" unrecruited love, and later even his ability to have a concern for his own daughter until Altenna returned to Leaf's side

He practically affected the Holy Wars almost as much as Sigurd and Seliph, including surviving the events of the Holy Wars from start to the end, and unknowingly challenged the power of a Dragon(and basically win)

And apparently he is genre savvy enough to know that he is Jugdral's plot armor

And this guy was a humble Lance wielding Horserider with no Holy Blood whatsoever at the beggining of FE4. Epic dude is epic

Seliph for runner up. He doubled Shanan as a baby
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#72Vegito15243Posted 2/15/2013 3:20:13 AM
I'm going with Tana. With a little bit of baby sitting early on and that Fili Shield you have a unit who just about fears nothing when you set her lose on the battlefield. Turn her into a Wyvern Knight and put some bulky defenders next to her and that's pretty much better than the great wall of China
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