Marriage Poll: Day V - Lissa

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3 years ago#1
Who did Lissa marry in your game? - Results (266 votes)
18.42% (49 votes)
11.65% (31 votes)
1.88% (5 votes)
1.13% (3 votes)
7.14% (19 votes)
1.88% (5 votes)
1.5% (4 votes)
17.67% (47 votes)
9.4% (25 votes)
Other (Specify): Gaius/Henry/Lon'qu/Donnel
29.32% (78 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Who swept this "delicate" cleric off her feet (or lack thereof)?

Previous Poll Results:

Chrom x Sumia by 197/384 votes (51.3%)
Maribelle x Other: Kellam/Gregor/Libra/Ricken/Donnel (Popular vote to Ricken) by 88/238 votes (36.97%)
Miriel x Vaike by 36/193 votes (18.65%)
Cordelia x Avatar by 141/409 votes (34.47%)
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3 years ago#2

I didn't realize it would make an extremely badass Owain. He one hits everything.
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3 years ago#3
Official Holy Dragon Nall of the First Generation.
3 years ago#4

They are currently the most powerful units in my army. Maybe even more powerful than Chrom or my Avatar. Though that will certainly change.
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3 years ago#5
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3 years ago#6
Avatar modeled after me, oddly enough.

I wasn't going to go for her. But I needed a magic boost, Lissa provided, and they just hit A rank on their own. I saved, viewed the S rank, and thought it was actually kind of adorable. In the end, I just stuck with it.
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3 years ago#7
I was going to pair her with my MU, but as more options were introduced for him I drifted to pairing her with Vaike. I'm currently sitting with them at A rank ready to be S, but I'm having trouble pulling the trigger on it because I kind of want her to be with Donnel now.

But for the poll, I picked Vaike.
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3 years ago#8
Etherealist posted...
"Want me to draw my sword and use some burst artes?"
3 years ago#9
3 years ago#10
Donnel. Not exactly my best choice stat-wise but since his luck capped at 51 I threw armsthrift on him and gave him Balmung as an apology for gimping him elsewhere.
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