This is my first Fire Emblem, and I'm downloading it right now.

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Wait wtf, 8000 blocks? How am I supposed to download it with the starter SD card?


Yeah its a fairly big game (I think thats only like 1GB though, I'm not sure).

But unless you download lots of stuff on the eshop, you should be able to download it with the SD card the 3ds came with. Then you'll probably have another 4000-5000 Blocks, or more.

Strange, I've tried deleting some things but I'm left with about 4000. Guess it's time to invest in a new SD card...

Where should I buy a new 2 GB+ one? Radioshack or Gamestop? I'll head out in a bit.

Neither of those places... Order a 16GB or 32GB off Amazon for super cheap.
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I got a 32 GB from Radio Shack for like $24.
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Alright, I got an 8 GB from Radioshack for about $13.
I'm copying the data onto my PC, and then in a little while I'll be ready to download the game and play.

So lemme get this straight:
Play blindly, Play hard mode and casual, Grind(I've got years of grinding under my belt from Disgaea), have fun.

That's about it, right?
Also, any recommendations about customizing my avatar in the beginning?
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Damn, you're the ideal CEman every CEman should strive to be.
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Don't grind at all

Play Hard/Classic
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If there are two enemies on the field that have names, odds are you can recruit one of them by talking to them. Kill the bosses, but never an underling that has a name that isn't the boss!

Also don't use Frederick too much, he will hog the experience your noob characters need.

If you have played srpgs before, play on hard. If this is a first for you, play normal to get the gist of it.

Lastly, to marry two characters you need to have them fight together a lot. Also, having a healer heal someone adds love points too.
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