Is your streetpass team "Overpowered", "Semi-Beatable", or "Weak"?

#11teh_kyle00Posted 2/17/2013 2:05:47 AM
I'd say my team is OP in terms of general stats, but not so much in the skills department.

Severa is pretty dangerous though, she managed to get 49 skill and has Sol and Astra. There are also three members of the party with Aether (Lucina, Chrom, Cynthia). Is Ignis dangerous? Cause I have three with Ignis >_>
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#12Huff n puff 20Posted 2/17/2013 2:08:12 AM

You need to be able to take on capped units, but there's only 6 currently:
-The Family-

MU: Zweilitz (Boss Variant)
L1 Sage
80 HP
SKL: 42+2
DEF: 30+2
RES: 42+2
Tome: A
Staff: A
All+2, Counter, Vengeance, Astra, Tomefaire
Valflame, Fortify, Fortify, Elixir, Elixir

L4 Great Lord
80 HP
STR: 42 (+5*)
MAG: 20 [Uncapped, but Irrelevant]
SKL: 45
SPD: 47 (+5*)
LCK: 47
DEF: 39
RES: 39
Sword: A
Lance: A
Aether, Astra, Lethality, Rightful King, Galeforce
Balmung, Gungnir, Elixir, Elixir, Elixir

L3 Dark Knight
80 HP
STR: 37
MAG: 46
SKL: 42
SPD: 45
LCK: 47
DEF: 40
RES: 39
Sword: A
Tome: A
Aether, Ignis, Lethality, Vengeance, Astra
"Tinny's Bolt" (Thoron; +5MT, +9 CRT); Brave Sword (+5MT, +15HIT); Elixir, Elixir, Elixir

L7 Manakete
80 HP
STR: 43+13
MAG: 37+8
SKL: 36+7
SPD: 32+6
LCK: 45+2
DEF: 47+15
RES: 43+11
All+2, Pavise, Swordbreaker, Lethality, Miracle
Dragonstone+, Elixir, Elixir, Elixir, Elixir

L6 Sorcerer
80 HP
STR: 29
MAG: 48+5
SKL: 39
SPD: 41
LCK: 47
DEF: 41
RES: 47
Tome: A
Counter, Tomefaire, Vengeance, Vantage, Wrath
JuliasResire (Aversa's Night, +5MT, +15HIT)x2, Deathcalibur (Ruin, +5MT, +15 HIT), Elixir, Elixir

L3 Hero
80 HP
STR: 44
MAG: 31
SKL: 49
SPD: 45
LCK: 47
DEF: 39 (+5)
RES: 35
Sword: A
Axe: A
Rightful King, Astra, Lethality, Sol, Galeforce
Helswath, Brave Sword (+5MT, +15HIT), Elixir, Elixir, Elixir

(Why the name of the team?: Zweilitz married Lucina, having Morgan. Morgan married Owain, who is also Lucina's cousin. Inigo is Lucina's brother, and is married to Nah.)
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#13LightHawKnightPosted 2/17/2013 2:17:07 AM
Overpowered beyond belief! They are not for fighting. They are for people to buy stuff from. I have second seals, master seals, rare weapons, boots, you name it, I probably have one on my team to sell to other people.
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#14RokoshuPosted 2/17/2013 2:23:38 AM
i think mine is beatable if your careful, my strogest being a level 5 hero donny where all his stats (excluding magic) is 32 and higher, same goes for my tactician level 10 grandmaster 33 and up on all stats and he is equiped with either a tyrfing or seliphs blade and celicas gale and donny has alms blade
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#15heavylobsterguyPosted 2/17/2013 2:33:15 AM

Team of maxed out children as Berserkers, Assassins, and Sorcerers with Astra, Sol, Pass, Rally skills, Counter on some, Brave Weapons, forged Aversa's Nights, and a tank Nah with infinite Dragonstone+ and skills to complement her bulk.

I took joy in making a team that no one in my school could beat.
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#16poikesPosted 2/17/2013 2:47:14 AM
Mine is called the Lethality Corp. Guess what skill they all have.
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#17Twenty0nePosted 2/17/2013 3:20:40 AM
i've got my early lunatic one activated right now.. so pretty free
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#18AllaudeenPosted 2/17/2013 3:49:46 AM
WEAK ...
I mater sealed too early and now stats suffer xD
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#19azn_boy150Posted 2/17/2013 3:50:08 AM
LightHawKnight posted...
Overpowered beyond belief! They are not for fighting. They are for people to buy stuff from. I have second seals, master seals, rare weapons, boots, you name it, I probably have one on my team to sell to other people.

Can't buy Boots from StreetPass. :(
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#20FactionsJimPosted 2/17/2013 4:29:01 AM
Semi-beatable. My Morgan is dangerous as heck with forged Aversa's + Mire and maxed stats and my MU is also pretty bad, though he only has an unforged Celica's and is a sage (Trying to get tomefaire to finish off his skill sets). Otherwise mostly just the high level Spotpass guys with only Jaffar being particularly good (He's a beast with maxed stats as Assassin + Forged Brave Sword + Bow + Killing Edge, Sol/Galeforce/Lethality/Astra/Swordfaire and BOOTSED!). The random Spotpass characters all have seals/stat boosting items (Including Boots!)/random useful items mostly to be intended for buying vs fighting.

If I included my other good characters like Lucina/Chrom/Noire/Tharja, it'd be a lot harder to beat, but I figure the game has good places to find fights if desired and not enough places to buy good items, so I went the vendor route.