Second Seal question - Tiki

#1icchyhlPosted 2/17/2013 9:54:31 AM
So I understand people reclass tiki with second skill into mage->dark mage for the ability

do ppl wait till levelling her up a bit first before doing so? or will she cap out regardess..

I'm not too sure as to when to use seals cuz in older versions of FE, advancing too early was bad for the character.

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#2icchyhl(Topic Creator)Posted 2/17/2013 10:03:32 AM
FFCC: EoT 5070 0092 6099
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#3KalanyrPosted 2/17/2013 10:15:43 AM
The game keeps an internal track of your a cumulative level that gets updated when you second seal , as a result you should generally Second Seal at the first even level after getting the last skill a class offers (for Tiki that's straight away since she joins at level 20 and Manaketes gain their last skill at level 15).
#4icchyhl(Topic Creator)Posted 2/17/2013 10:23:31 AM
thanks, would u be able to clarify for me why even level?

i have her at 23 atm. lol; what do??? D:
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#5KalanyrPosted 2/17/2013 10:25:32 AM
The formula that updates the cumulative is (Current Level -1)/2 rounded down , so even levels are basically "free" so you may as well get the extra stat points from it.
#6icchyhl(Topic Creator)Posted 2/17/2013 10:27:39 AM
thanks for your help

so basically if i promote on lvl 23, it'll take my lvl 22 stats?

chances are they will max out all the relevant stats soon
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#7KalanyrPosted 2/17/2013 10:31:03 AM
No. If you Second Seal at level 23 , the Cumulative level (which effects how much XP you earn) will be increased by 11 levels , if you Second Seal at level 24 the Cumulate level would still be increased by 11 levels (and you'd get an extra level worth of stats).

You want to keep the cumulative level low since the sum of your Cumulative Level and Internal Level (which is your Current Level or Current Level + 20 for Promoted classes) determine how much XP you get for killing an enemy.
#8HodouPosted 2/18/2013 5:01:02 AM
To add to this, if you second seal Tiki to something, can you eventually change her class BACK to Manakete, or is she permanently changed?

(I just kind of have a thing for original classes. If you can't, then I'll just skip using her probably.)
#9KalanyrPosted 2/18/2013 5:03:28 AM
Yep. She can switch back using a second seal. Since manakete is a "special" class she can switch back from any point at all that she can use a second seal.
#10RuneknPosted 2/18/2013 5:11:58 AM
Out of curiosity, is there a limit to those cumulative levels?