How exactly do you get Chrom to marry Olivia?

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Don't have to keep Chrom away from all female candidates, just make sure there's more interation between him and Olivia compared to the others.

For example, I had Sumia with a chance to get a C Support, but refused it until Chapter 14 (after he marries), had him paried up with Olivia the entire battle on Ch. 13, and let him basically go tank mode (reclassed him to Cavalier by that point for the Discipline skill). He ended up marrying Olivia as I had wanted.

Personally, I like OliviaxChrom the best; not to mention that having her son with Royal Weapon, Galeforce (made Olivia reach Lv 15 as a Dark Flier before entering that chapter; not fun x.x), and going from Mercenary > Myrmidon > Assassin for Lethality... Let's just put it this way: he makes Volke look like Sothe in PoR that way XD

This is good to know.

Forcing myself to position Chrom away from any potential candidate sounds annoying as hell.
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Just marry his options off before chapter 11, have her dance once, and BAM.

Also he marries on 11 NOT 13.
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SlashReturns posted...
Just marry his options off before chapter 11, have her dance once, and BAM.

Also he marries on 11 NOT 13.

Always get the chapters mixed up; only played through twice. need like 5 more playthroughs until I get it right lol
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You gotta dance olivia's ass off.
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I had no problems getting him to marry Olivia. Being paired while attacking enemies and successfully dealing damage is the fastest way to boost relationships.

Just pair them up and stab some guys.
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don't get into support with Chrom's potential pairing, and just don't enter the attack range of Gangrel's last line of defense

once you kill off the reinforcements, you can just dance Olivia into however high you can stand the monotony, and if you hit level 30 dancer, you can use second seal to promote her into the promoted classes
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