I hate people who complain about this game having DLC

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VeryDarkSoul posted...
i'm not against dlc i'm against paid dlc nickel and diming. Really wanting to charge us 2.50 for a map in an SRPG? Anyone know a game called Record of Agarest War? There was DLC to give you more in-game money. FOR A SINGLEPLAYER GAME!

Thats only the tip of the iceberg. Tales of Graces F had costumes for 4 dollars, small stuff like in game gald, title sets, and other things you can simply acquire in game later in the story, for 3 dollars each. FE:A isnt that bad at all IIRC its like... $50 total? We should be grateful that the total DLC costs wont be $150 like ToGF or $200+ in ToX.

On the other hand, no one's forcing you to buy it and the DLC also goes toward future localization so its pretty much win-win if you look at it in that perspective.
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I have zero issues with DLC like this. When I first heard about the idea of DLC, I was naively excited thinking it would all be handled as well as Awakening does it. Where I could buy a full, massive, complete game, and then enhance that experience through extra content.

Little did I know that it would evolve into online passes and on-disc "DLC" in games. Here's hoping Nintendo sticks to their guns and continues to release complete games regardless of whatever DLC there may or may not be.
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spyke252 posted...
I really want to make an "I hate people who hate people who complain about this game having DLC", but I really don't.
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brb, making a topic to tell this guy not to make topics like this.
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In all fairness, DLC for Record of Agarest War wasn't necessary. Just made things easier(Except the first one. Most of that DLC is only good until 4th Generation). If you really want to complain about DLC getting out of hand, you should take a gander at Hyper dimension Neptunia.
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