Fire Emblem friends!

#1glowlingPosted 2/19/2013 1:24:52 AM
Add me!
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#3TrolzylulzyPosted 2/19/2013 1:45:00 AM
Probably a stupid question, but how do you add people in Fire Emblem? I'm just not seeing it.
#4glowling(Topic Creator)Posted 2/19/2013 2:09:45 AM
Go to your home menu on your 3ds and at the top bar there's a smily face. That's where you add friends
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#5CodeKyuubiPosted 2/19/2013 2:11:23 AM
What does being friends do?
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#6BowsercidePosted 2/19/2013 2:57:37 AM(edited)

My 3DS friend list is pretty empty.

Edit: I've added everyone here, and will continue to do so.
#7AerilynnPosted 2/19/2013 2:16:27 AM(edited)
You can send Swap Notes to each other and see when they are online.

Edit: I also add you guys XD;
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#8jonnovision1Posted 2/19/2013 2:14:53 AM
CodeKyuubi posted...
What does being friends do?

as far as Fire Emblem is concerned? nothing, in fact it does nothing for a lot of games.
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I'll add you all in a bit and add my FC as well. But I'm wondering if anyone here has that Fire Emblem swapnote stationary?