What the hell is some people's beef with archers/snipers?

#141ChromKirbyPosted 2/20/2013 6:30:20 PM
Slayerblade11 posted...

3. Have to babysit them more than other units

Donnel, one of your points is now invalid!
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They're not bad but since other classes can use bows and counterattack when the enemy reaches close they choose these over snipers. I went for snipers anyways, they're awesome ;3
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Actually they are excellent decoys XD. Since they cant atk back when near ... enemies tend to atk them priority unless theres a Cleric/Healer near. So you can have more control over battles and with who you want to give the killing blow since enemies normally will not die on enemies phase.
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Depends on how you use archers.
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1. They cannot counterattack melee units on the enemy phase, and melee units are by and large the most frequently encountered units. Mage classes can still attack at range while being able to fight up close (and proficiently, at that).

2. Their strength against Wyvern Knights and Pegasus Knights is more competently covered by mage classes using Wind magic. Yes, Pegasus Knights have high Res to counter Wind magic, but they're fairly uncommon anyway and Wind magic is, practically speaking, a fantastic tool for attacking them.

3. Their skills suck. Oh gee, +5 Str and a bunch of other useless skills? Cool, I'll stick with Hex and Anathema to boost the accuracy of my high Mag tankable dark magic and support my team on the side and thrash people with Vengeance if I happen to get damaged.

4. As for Virion, the archer of this game, he needs babying to be even remotely competent.

5. Also, they don't even have the advantage of usable Ballistae for this game.
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Simple answer.

Other classes do their job better.