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3 years ago#31
Chapter 8 (4/55): Did this first to build Stahlís Lance rank. Vin with Miriel goes down the left side, Stahl with Chrom cleans up the middle to protect Gregor/Nowi. Vin cleans the bottom. Easy enough. Got the Master Seal but not the Second Seal or top Village. In hindsight I think thatís a Rescue Staff, which would be very useful, but oh well.

Paralogue 3 (4/59): Tried a few things to get this down. The ďtrickĒ is the top right enemies get bottled up near the forest while chasing the Villagers, so you can ignore them for a while. Stahl with Str tonic and Chrom can one-round stuff consistently. He aggros and kills the NW enemies, then goes down and uses a Javelin to aggro and kill the Archer. Turn 3 he lures some Pegasus, then lastly goes for the bottom left Fighter. Meanwhile, first Vin kills the Javelin Knight from below, then kills the enemies in the far south. She goes back up to finish the upper right enemies now near the forest. Turn 4 she kills the boss.

Chapter 9 (3/62): Took some thinking, but eventually came up with a consistent 3 turn. Promoted Stahl to Paladin since otherwise he had a high chance of dying and now heís amazing. This also saved a few thousand gold by allowing just a +1 mt forged Javelin instead of +4 mt against the Wyverns. Iím too lazy to reset until Chrom Dual Strikes them. Turn 1 Stahl with Chrom moves down hugging the wall, which are Plains tiles, and he chips a Wyvern with a Javelin. Vin with Miriel moves down below a Mage and kills the Wyvern. Next turn, Vin moves down and to the right, killing a Soldier. Stahl drops Chrom near the forts. Some exact positioning is needed to not have Chrom die and to not aggro too many enemies. Libra recruits himself. Chrom trades Libra a forged +2 mt Hand Axe and Speed tonic, then Pairs with Stahl. Stahl moves to the right to lure Tharja and various enemies. Vin kills the boss. On enemy phase Stahl cleans the bottom right. Libra finishes the bottom left with a Speed Tonic and Forged Hand Axe. Also, Iíll note that 18/10/5 Vin died once to a Killer Bow crit at ~10% hit, ~10% crit. >_>

Paralogue 4 (3/65): A rather elegant strategy I think. Itís a Rout with enemies everywhere, many with 1-2 range, but I actually have okay units now. Vin with Miriel and Stahl with Chrom go up the left. Libra handles the bottom. Libra needs tons of tonics, and a Hand Axe for Mages/Archers and a Bronze Axe for the best accuracy on the Myrms. On the second turn, Stahl with Chrom moves up to Anna and recruits her as well as trades her the Rescue Staff. Anna moves up a little, but outside the top Mageís range and Rescues Vin a little up. Vin lures that Mage, the boss and a bunch of enemies. 3rd turn, Vin moves down and to the right, in range of both the topright Mage and right Archer. Stahl cleans up the middle. Anna kills a thief. Libra finishes the myrms near the bottom. Very consistent strat, the most luck reliant part is Libra killing myrms with Avoid+10. I could forge an Axe for better chances, but he 2hkos and has 5-6 chances to land 2 hits at 60% hit, which is around 90% chance of success.

Chapter 10 (2/67): Libra pairs with Stahl, they move 8 spaces and Rescues Vin with Anna. Vin moves 9 spaces to the top of the screen. Chrom pairs with Miriel and they move North. After various enemies suicide, Stahl kills the nearby Thief for a Wyrmslayer. Chrom with Tonics + statboosters + Forged Killing Edge has a good chance of clearing out his enemies and is free to kill the Thief with the Bullion. Vin has just enough move to get into range and kill Mustafa. Rescue Staves = good. With only 1 staff I canít chain yet, but itís comingÖ

Chapter 10 music is still emotional so time for a breakÖ
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3 years ago#32
Chapter 11 (2/69): Okay so my strategy has Olivia dance for Chrom once, but he still married the Maiden afterwards. Iím not sure whatís going on, but it doesnít really matter. Maybe I forgot to actually switch to Chrom first turn or something.

Anyways, Stahl/Chrom gets danced by Olivia/Anna turn 1 and then go left into the Heroís range. Libra Rescues Vin/Miriel down, who moves next to the chest and takes out most of the right side first enemy phase. Turn 2, Vin kills the Thief, Stahl chips a Wyvern. Anna/Olivia lure the Hero who Anna doubles with Oliviaís Pair Up. On enemy phase everything suicides. Chrom does need to get 1 Dual Strike in on a single Wyvern in 2 tries which is about a 50% chance.

Chapter 12 (2/71): Libra gets a Def tonic to not die horribly and kills the Javelin Knight nearby with the Hammer. Vin with Miriel goes out, gets Danced by Olivia. They then go to a precise position to clear out the whole right side and the boss. Anna Rescues Olivia back. Stahl with Chrom gets a few tonics and heads left. After a bunch of fighting on enemy phase, Vin flies 8 spaces left to a precise position to clear the left side. Stahl returns back near the start to finish some remaining Caveliers. Libra and Anna with the Levin Sword clear some Knights on the bottom right.

Chapter 13 (1/72): Anna goes up and Rescues Vin to allow her to reach the boss turn 1, so the others weaken some Fighters for Miriel to get 2 kills with Oliviaís help.

Chapter 14 (1/72): Libra Rescues Vin to the top left of the ship. Chrom and Stahl weaken some Knights for Miriel to get 2 kills with Oliviaís help. Anna spams more Rescue for exp. Vin kills the boss.

Chapter 15 (3/75): So Iím fairly certain a 2 turn is possible, especially since Vin gets Galeforce in the middle of the chapter, but Iím too tired to figure it out atm. Maybe Iíll try again later. Maybe itís impossible with my team. The problem is the left and middle donít aggro unless youíre in a range of a few of the middle enemies. The boss doesnít move and Vin is obviously the only one who can fight him. Stahl is okay, but doesnít do well against the swarms in the top portion at all. He canít oneround both Mages and Knights at the same time and has durability issues, particularly against the few promoted enemies.

There are also a few enemies near the edges that are particularly hard to reach to kill while staying in range of everything else, the boss on the left, the Mage in the top left, the Knights in the top right, , the General in the bottom right, the Steel Sword Cavelier in the bottom left. If I had Galeforce just a little earlier, like from the start of the chapter, I think itíd be easier. Or have Anna somehow dodge a bunch of things, but she has limited Levin Sword uses.

However, a 3 turn is very easy for my team, though I didnít get any of the items. Anna with Miriel has 11 Rescue range, so she Rescues Sayíri to the beach. Vin solos the top portion, starting from the top right and ending next to the boss. Libra Rescues Stahl over to the bottom left to clean that area. To make it easier, I had Libra Rescue Anna and Olivia over as well since that General is ridiculously strong and bulky, making Hammer-time not safe. Levin Sword deals with that.

Iím not too impressed with Olivia so far. Dark Flier even without Galeforce, Stahl and Anna/Libra have cut way more turns. Her contribution is extending movement range by 5 tiles, but even in Chapter 12 she needed a Rescue Staff use to protect her. I can replicate most of her contributions if I had more Rescue Staves, and Anna/Libra can do other stuff too, like fighting. But weíll see, I suspect sheíll be better once I start Rescue chaining for real.

Time for a bunch of bosskills (and Paralogue 17). Now comes the real ridiculousness
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3 years ago#33
About Chapter 15, I think I found a 2 turn positioning wise, but it relies on Stahl Dual Attacking with Chrom a bunch as well as Anna using a bunch of Levin Sword uses and dodging tons of hits, though most, not all, are low percentage. If I had Sully/Sumia support instead with better Dual Strike chances, I would give it a shot, but otherwise, thereís no way Iím reseting for it. So 3 turns it is.

Also, lolrescue, lolavatar.

Chapter 16 (1/76): Chrom pairs with Vin. Libra Rescues Vin. Anna Rescues Olivia. Olivia dances for Anna. Anna Rescues Vin. Stahl weakens a Fighter for Miriel on the left. Vin kills an enemy and Galeforces to Cervantes.

Chapter 17 (2/78): The fact the team is split and thereís a door in the way is annoying and I think prevents my team from the 1 turn. Anyways, Stahl, Miriel, Olivia on the left. Vin, Anna, Libra in the middle. Stahl needs a Speed tonic to not get doubled by Valks, but he is placed to lure a Hero. Libra Rescues Olivia from the left. Anna Rescues Libra up a little. Olivia dances for Anna. Anna opens the door. Vin with Chrom Galeforces and clears the two enemies by the door. Anna needs a Magic tonic to one-round the Sniper that comes down and blocks the way on enemy phase. Next turn, Stahl weakens the Hero more for Miriel to kill. Do some easy Rescuing to get Vin in range of the Thief. She kills the Thief and Galeforces to the boss. Amusingly enough, the boss has really high Res so Vin does single digit damage with her current Tomes. So Vin uses a Bronze Lance + Ignis and/or Chromís Rapier Dual strike to kill.

Chapter 18 (1/79): On the left Stahl and Miriel chip the Swordmaster, Miriel finally getting to level 10. Chrom with a Speed tonic chips the nearby Paladin. Vin pairs with Anna. Libra Rescues Vin down. Vin flies a long way down, switches to Anna, who Rescues Olivia. Olivia dances for Anna/Vin. Anna walks down, switches to Vin who kills the Killer Lance enemy and Galeforces down to Yenífay.

Afterwards, Miriel promotes to Sage.

Chapter 19 (1/80): Chrom with Stahl with Tonics chips for some exp. Anna pairs with Vin, Libra rescues them up a little. Miriel rescues Olivia up a little. Vin/Anna move 9 spaces and Anna Rescues Olivia who dances for them. Vin/Anna move and kill a Great Knight, then Galeforces up to Walhart. Vin needs a Magic tonic so that 1 Ignis + Normal attack kills for better reliability. Walhart needs to not activate Aegis or Anna needs to help with Dual Strikes.

Paralogue 17 (5/85): Just let Tiki die (;_;) and Vin/Chrom duo. Go down, kill the boss first. Go to a position at the north edge of the south reinforcementsí range. Stay there until Turn 5, move up to the middle so everything else suicides. Vin got blocked at level 20 for a while but oh well. She stays Dark Flier after.

Chapter 20 (1/86): Hmm I didnít expect to actually 1 turn this, but it worked out. Chrom moves a little forward so that Miriel can move between 2 Warriors, with Chrom adjacent below her. This allows her to Rescue Olivia to the space above her. Libra rides with Stahl to just under Cervantes, above Olivia, and Rescues Vin/Anna. Vin flies forward and kills a General in the way, activating Galeforce. Vin flies up, switches to Anna who Rescues Olivia who dances for them. They go up to Walhart. Same deal as before.
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3 years ago#34
Chapter 21 (2/88): The path is too winding to 1 turn for my team. Itís possible to get into the boss range turn 1 but it leaves people vulnerable and enemies that can one-round your other characters move before the boss. So, Vin pairs with Anna who opens the door nearby. Chrom (just promoted, 15/1) with Stahl kill that Sorcerer in the room for exp, Chrom with Killing Edge, Stahl with Silver Lance (~85% for some outcome of Dual Strikes + Crits kills). Olivia dances for Anna/Vin. Miriel and Libra do some Rescues to keep Olivia safe. There an unsafe spot for one of the 3, but Libra doesnít get doubled by Sorcerers and has high Res so heís fine. Anna/Vin around and down and kills an Assassin, Galeforces down and kills another Assassin. Enemy phase, Vin kills stuff, Chrom needs to not be crit by the Ruin Sorcerer (low hit rate so not a big issue). Next turn, Chrom kills the Ruin Sorcerer, Libra/Miriel spam Rescue for exp. Vin/Anna fly down, Rescue Olivia from the top right who dances for them. Vin/Anna kill a Berserker, then Galeforce and kill the boss.

Chapter 22 (1/89): Libra Rescues Stahl/Chrom to the right. They with Noble Rapier and Beastkiller Dual Strike down the Valflame Valk.Miriel Rescues Vin/Anna up a little, they move and Rescue Olivia. Olivia dances, Vin/Anna grab Balmunk, then Galeforces to finish Aversa. Was thinking of something to nab Gungnir but I donít think my team can.

Chapter 23 (4/93): YeahÖ.just Vin/Chrom duo. I give most statboosters to Vin, Energy Drops/Secret Books to Chrom. Chrom drops Vin in Validarís range turn 1. They do various movements and Galeforcing to end attacking Validar turn 4 with Valflame and in range of the nearby staircases. Enemy phase everything suicides, including the reinforcements. Silver Bow Assassins actually hit really hard.

Chapter 24 (7/100): Too many reinforcements after Turn 3. Vin canít solo it all in that time. Everyone else is paper and canít really get into position to block forts. Thereís really not enough exp to go around for others to help in these later routs. Stahl with Anna did kill a few enemies with Beastkiller + Annaís Levin Sword while trying super hard not to die. Iím sure thereís ways to get lower, but I donít really care. >_>. Chrom is level 15/6 from mostly Dual Strikes alone. Finally has A support with Vin and just in time.

Chapter 25 (1/101): Olivia is rescued a little forward. Vin with Anna moves on the edge of the mountain and gets Danced. Flies all the way up, kills a Berserker, Galeforces and Rexcaliburs Aversa.

Endgame (1/102): Use Magic tonics on Rescuers and Vin. Str/Skl/Luck tonics on Chrom/Vin. Miriel rescues Stahl with Libra. Stahl/Libra moves and Rescues Olivia. Anna Rescues Vin with Chrom. She kills the Berserker in the way and activates Galeforce. The final boss has 88 hp. Vin does 11x2 damage, 9% crit, 47% Ignis for +10 damage, with Valflame. Chrom does 15 damage, 74% hit, 77% Dual Strike. Olivia gives them another round of attacks. Iím not calculating the chances, but it worked on the first try with room to spare.

In summary, lolrescue, lolavatar. There isnít seem to be enough exp for anyone else to be that useful considering a huge part of the mid/lategame are all bosskills trivialized by buyable Rescue. This game is probably only fun to ltc once, never again. <_<

Maybe wrap up later.
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3 years ago#35
Voidtemplar posted...
The final boss has 88 hp. Vin does 11x2 damage, 9% crit, 47% Ignis for +10 damage, with Valflame. Chrom does 15 damage, 74% hit, 77% Dual Strike. Olivia gives them another round of attacks. Iím not calculating the chances, but it worked on the first try with room to spare.

Estimated 91% chance of that working.
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3 years ago#36
>_>. I do like reliable strats where possible. I suppose it shows Chrom doesn't need much training at all in Hard to be a contributor on the final boss. Just need some super-over-leveled unit. My Avatar was 18/10/20/14 and had 38 mag before boosts.

Also, turn count without Paralogues is 75 + a few turns that depended on what minor exp I could scrounge (probably only Chapter 6 is different). I'm not sure if Frederick even saves that many turns but I haven't looked too closely.

Fun fact, Premonition-Chapter 7 is 11 Chapters, 51 turns. Chapter 8-Endgame is 22 Chapters, 51 turns. Again, lolrescue.
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