So is Awakening the hardest Fire Emblem in the series?

#71MJEmirzianPosted 2/22/2013 1:30:17 AM(edited)
Wow, the clueless nintenyearold wannabe trolls certainly try hard here.
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MJEmirzian posted...
There is no scoring system that penalizes grinding or other methods of trivializing Awakening's difficulty. Comparing accessible DLC to cheating is ridiculous - one is clearly allowed by the game rules, one isn't. "Just don't use it!!!1" is the last refuge of the delusional fanboy RPG player who wants to cover their eyes to poor design and balance issues.

And I see the usual assortment of kids using "real" "actual" "true" to pretend their opinions are facts. Never learn I suppose.

Interesting so my FE12 H3' which used the Wi-Fi shop for Nosferatus and Again Staves, Brave Weapons, and the download for Rainbow Potion use is better than yours because it results in a lower turn count?