Rate the Skill,Chapter 10: Astra and Swordfaire

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3 years ago#21
Astra: A - 250% damage is nothing to scoff at and the fact that each of the 5 hits can critical is overkill. Like others mentioned, the low activation rate is the only thing that's keeping it from S.

Swordfaire: A - +5 Str doesn't seem much but it goes a long way once you add it up with doubling and multipliers from criticals and skills like Astra.
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3 years ago#22
Astra - A or higher.

Reason is because it works with any weapons. most units will likely cap skill around 40~52 on average meaning the chance for it to activate is 20~26%. Depending on skill and add a brave weapon you literally have a 1 in 4 chance to activate it.

Swordfaire - B

Given that out of the other 2 weapons, swords are the weakest and 5 extra points might not mean much but it does make a significant difference in a 2-3HKO to a 1-2HKO.
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3 years ago#23
Confession Time!
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3 years ago#24
astra A-S. A+?
swordfaire A-?
3 years ago#25
Astra: A
Swordfaire: B
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3 years ago#26
Astra A

very good damaging skill especially for people with high skill / crit rates... can mean the difference between win or lose, really deadly on people using brave weapons

also one of the sexier looking skills in the game

Swordfaire B

nice raw damage boost especially on a weapon type that needs it alot. only thing holding it back in rank is the time it takes to get it and that "+2 to all" can be a good substitute if you don't want to grind for the skill on an inferior sword wielding class (swordmaster)
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3 years ago#27
Astra: S

While it has a low proc rate, it's one of the most powerful attacks in the game. The primary benefit of Astra is the high chance of activating a Critical hit on each individual strike which is valuable in and of itself.

Its value comes in when you build a setup around it like Incorporating Vantage, Wrath and using a Killing Edge. What is most interesting about it is that since each attack counts as a standard attack, you can also use it to circumvent abilities like Miracle that can prolong a character's life or mitigating effects like pavise and Aegis. It's strong not because of damage, but the raw number of hits you are doing to the opponent. Also, unlike Aether, it is NOT limited to the 3(4) characters that can have it.

Swordfaire: B

Extremely situational. Often, you would likely just pass it up for something like Vantage because you often never stay in a class that only allows you to use exclusively swords(Swordsmaster and Trickster have poor caps). Axefaire and Tomefaire are the much better counterparts (Sage, Sorcerer and War Monk are good final classes with access to Bolt Axe).

Note that this skill is not bad as anything that give you a flat 5 extra damage, magical or physical is still decent and usable. Just not spectacular.
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3 years ago#28
Swordfaire: S. If the unit uses swords as its primary weapon, you want Swordfaire

Astra: A. It's like having a second independent chance to crit. That can crit. The low activation rate balances out the fact that on player characters it's pretty much an instant kill.
3 years ago#29
Astra: S for Julius-killin Shenanigans... Wait... *Takes off Nostalgia goggles* Still S. Besides Aether and Lethality, this easily the highest output Attack Skill in the game.
Swordfaire: B.
It's powerful, as it's a flat ATK increase of 5 which is nice, but it's not that good.
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3 years ago#30
Both get an A.
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