Should they bring back the magic triangle?

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User Info: SwampertOwns

4 years ago#31
Yes, dammit. I was wondering wtf was going on when I first tried having a mage duel in this game. :|
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User Info: imthestuntman

4 years ago#32
welkin_g posted...
occupation_bob posted...
You might be talking about this game, in which you may be right. I don't feel like looking into that now.

But you go play FE7 and give Dorcas or Bartre a Hand Axe and see how far you get. And if you do well, take a look at how many sword units you brought with you.

You're not going to get a lot of mileage out of axes if you use bad units. That's why you use guys like Hector, Raven, or Hawkeye. Only sword units I use in FE7 are the two lords. Why bring a swordmaster when they do less damage than axes and are locked to 1-range?

You would've had a stronger argument had you brought up FE6, but seeing as you think swords are actually good in FE7 I think you need to go back and play the game again.

When i beat hectors hard mode the only axe user i had was hector...
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  3. Should they bring back the magic triangle?

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